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The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: Family

I write this on the back of a wonderful weekend spent with my family, and I’m feeling ever grateful as we head into the holiday season that I have my family and my health, I constantly count my blessings for how lucky I am, especially this time of year.

I bought my parents some gig tickets for the band James over a year ago, not knowing whether the gig would be going ahead or in fact whether gigs would have returned at all in a year’s time. This time last year we were in Tier 3 lockdown (thanks to my blog post from this time last year reminding me of the ridiculous measures Manchester was subject to for most of last Winter) Thankfully, they have, and what a weekend it was! We spent the whole weekend, drinking, eating and just being together and it was wonderful.

One thing that never fails to amaze me is my mum’s ability to well – mother. Even after heavy nights of drinking whilst I’m trying to get out of bed with yet another hangover, she’s up, taking care of the dog, cooking us breakfast, and looking after us all! Yesterday by the time I surfaced, she had got up, had breakfast ready for us all, and even had my tea on the go (her infamous stew which is I swear to god one of the best things you will ever eat). And this wasn’t a one-off thing – she always does it. Whenever I go home to visit I come back with about 50 delicious homecooked meals. There is nothing more comforting than her food and I was able to eat the rest of it tonight for tea which saved me having to cook after a super busy day of work! RESULT!

There is a lot going on for my family at the minute and this week feels particularly emotional. There’s not a lot I can say or do to help, and I can’t really articulate my thoughts here publicly at present, but when someone you love dearly is in ill health or struggling with something, it really makes you contemplate your own health and be grateful for all that you have. I’ll be hugging my loved ones a lot closer this week as we hopefully take the first step in moving past this horrible period.


Liverpool doorman ‘asked for Angela’ by women in city centre bar

I’m not sure whether everybody knows about “asking for Angela”, I would assume they do but actually that’s only based on the fact that I see it on the back of so many doors when I’m out. I suppose if you don’t spend much time out in bars/clubs then you might not know.

Basically, the idea is if you are in trouble, if you are on a date that is going wrong, or you are scared for whatever reason, you can go to the bar and ask if Angela is working and the bar staff will know exactly what you mean and will take appropriate action – whether that is calling you a taxi or helping you leave, whatever. It is a code word for assistance and we all know that women are sadly faced with these situations where they need help. I thought this article was so interesting to read from the bouncer’s point of view, and what a guy to behave the way he does and care for those girls. I’ve been around bouncers who for lack of a better word are Grade A TWATS and do absolutely sweet FA to help people in need but this guy sounds like the exact type of bouncer I’d want to go to if I was in trouble.

This beautiful piece shared by Les at Soul Angel and Energy Healing

I thought this was beautiful. I often think about my purpose in life and contemplate whether we could all be on this planet to do just something small rather than something ginormous. I really took comfort from this piece.


James at the AO Arena

I mentioned it before but this is what I’ve watched this week.

One of my favourite things about seeing James is that the lead singer, Tim Booth, absolutely lets himself go every time during this part of the song Come Home. He is wonderful – THE WHOLE BAND ARE. And I tried to get some of his legendary dancing on video whilst there so you can enjoy it too but unfortunately WordPress is garbage and completely hinders the quality of my videos, so you’ll have to make do with this poor quality footage (look to the left hand side of the screen where Tim – white top – will eventually come into view – I can’t blame WordPress for my shocking drunk videoing!) as well as this random clip from the same segment of the song at a different gig.


Somewhere in My Memory – John Williams

We put our Christmas tree up yesterday and naturally asked Alexa to play “Christmas playlist” whilst we did it. I can’t lie, I didn’t really feel all that Christmassy. I was feeling a bit down after my family left following a wonderful weekend, and the constant drone in the back of my mind that this week ahead was going to be tough.

But then this song come on and I was immediately transported back to being 5 years old and binge-watching home alone 50 times a day through the Christmas period. I was always captivated at the scene where Kevin goes into the church and the choir is singing this beautiful song. It’s such an emotional scene and I love it and it immediately made me feel a tad more Christmassy yesterday!

Before You Go…

It’s been quite a long one from me this week so if you’re still here thanks for reading. I laughed so much at this gorgeous video and thought you might like it too.

Have a lovely week, hug your loved ones tight and please send a thought of a little bit of love and light to those who need it this week. See ya soon!

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