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The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: Snow

Doesn’t everything look and feel a thousand times more beautiful in the snow?

Here in Stockport, we had the beautiful unexpected surprise of snow this weekend. Well, I say this weekend, it happened on Sunday and it was melted by yesterday, but that was still much longer than some of my friends and family in other parts of the North West got. Here’s a pic of my garden and my dog on her morning walk:

If there’s one thing I love more than Summer, it’s SNOW. Everything is just so much more beautiful and feels peaceful and delightful in the snow. And amidst the chaos that I feel is taking over my life right now, it was very much welcomed.

This will be a short and sweet post because I’m feeling a bit run down, I’ve got a coldsore the size of planet Earth on my face, and it’s been a LOOOOONG day of work and it is time for me to have a glass of wine and watch a Christmas film!


I’m a life coach, you’re a life coach: the rise of an unregulated industry

So I just said it was a quick one but someone’s put 2p in me so I’m off!

Now, I’m not one to share negativity on my blog, but I am one to say what I think and use my blog as a platform for my opinions and this article really irked me. But it’s possible that it’s irked me because it’s fairly close to home, so I’m sharing it to see what y’all think (yep – too much time around Americans lately, I’ll see myself out!)

If you overlook the fact that this article isn’t overly well written, there are spelling and grammatical mistakes throughout it (most importantly including somebody’s name!), and that it goes on forever and seemingly lacks any structure, I found this article fairly interesting.

As somebody who writes for and produces podcasts for people in the life coaching industry, not only those named in the article but also many, many more, I found the article a little typical in its response to the concept of life coaching.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the term ‘life coaching’? Probably ‘what a load of bollocks’ right? You wouldn’t be alone. My own husband doesn’t really buy into what I do.

But the truth is that if it weren’t for working with a vast array of life, business, and personal development coaches, I’d never have developed the courage to leave a toxic job that had caused me to be depressed and anxious for years, let alone even consider the prospect of freelancing and working for myself. I now LOVE Sundays instead of loathe them, I see purpose in my life instead of feeling like I lived in a never ending hole of darkness and bullshit, and I recently took a last-minute trip to Spain because I knew I could go and enjoy a holiday whilst working from there with ease. I absolutely love life whereas I used to coast with nothing but greyness.

I know this is just one person’s account (and a severely shallow account at that) and that I could (and suspect that I probably am) be taking this personally because I love the coaching industry and I love the coaches that I work for, but I think this article is a bit garbage to be honest. It had so much potential to really look at both the pros and cons of this industry, and instead it focused on all the wrong things (at one point it focuses on the fact that Brooke Castillo wears her hair cropped, blonde, and swept to the side with thick eyeliner). I’m not entirely sure why that matters other than a journalist trying to fill a wordcount? I would have loved to have seen a truly articulate argument of the pros and cons of the industry, but nope, just this predictable jumble of nonsense.


Designated Survivor

All I have to say on this show is TOM KIRKMAN FOR PRESIDENT!!!! Or in our case, PRIME MINISTER! Fuck Bozza, get Tom Kirkman in – he’s incredible and I am just so sad every time I remember he’s not real.

There’s a thing in America whereby whenever all the most important senior people in the White House administration are in a meeting, there needs to be somebody left behind in case of some attack or event that wipes them all out – the designated survivor. And this is exactly what the show is about – a man that was chosen to be the designated survivor, when a terrorist attack wiped out pretty much the whole of the current administration.

I know the show is fictional but it has opened my eyes to so much about politics and politicians. I have just finished season 1 and really enjoyed it, season 2 is getting a bit much now and I’m only on episode 2. But one thing is for sure – Tom Kirkman is better than both Donald Trump and Bozza combined. He’s wonderful.


All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Didn’t I feature this last week? Am I just being lazy featuring it again?

Yes, I did. And no, I’m not. It’s a bloody brilliant song and I’m still listening to it on repeat. So if you missed last week’s post here’s your chance to listen to this stunning song again!

I am finding that with Taylor Swift’s most recent songs, there are odd phrases that I find really stick in my brain. I don’t know why they do because they don’t seem to resonate with me or anything I know, but I just love them. I love her latest music. So yes, perhaps lazy or perhaps she is a FUCKING BADASS and you need another chance to listen to her. You decide!

Before You Go…

Here in England, a mandatory instruction came into force today. We must now wear masks in shops and on public transport again. To be completely honest, I don’t see this as a bad thing. When I went to Spain recently, every time I took the train there was security on there as masks are compulsory, and every single person wore one in a shop. Their cases are lower than ever.

I’m not daft – we have far too much divide here in this country, and mixed with the shockingly poor leadership we’re subjected to with Bozza and the amount of conspiracy theorists spreading like wildfire, I know we’ll never have everybody following common decency (which to be honest – I think wearing a mask is). But what I’d love to imagine is that people, regardless of beliefs, can just be kind to one another.

Here’s hoping!

That’s all from me! Once again, I’m sending you lots of love and wishes for health and wealth xxx see you next week!

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