About Me

Hello there!

You’ve probably reached this page through my social media plugs and so already know me, in which case hello current friend! However, if by some fantastic chance you’re reading this blog and we don’t know each other, read on and let’s get acquainted!

My name is Megan and I’m based in the best city in the UK*, Manchester!

I’m not sure on the category of my blog, but if you really had to give it a label, you would call it a ‘life’ blog, in that it is all about my life. That sounds pretentious, and assuming that you are interested in my life, I know. But there’s not really another term to describe it, plus you’re the one here reading this!

A quick few things about me. I am interested in so many things but right now, I’m really loving exploring different parts of the world via peoples’ blogs and social media channels. In a world where travel is currently on hold, this has been my saviour for the last year and I love connecting with a range of interesting people from all over this beautiful planet.

In a world where we’re not locked down, I adore music and going to gigs and festivals. I love to travel and learn about different cultures and languages. I literally only work so that I can pay for these things. I thoroughly enjoy red wine. Like any good Northerner, I love gravy and if I had to choose one food (or liquid?) to have for the rest of my life it would be that. I love yoga, especially hot yoga, which was a huge surprise to me considering you basically fester in your own sweat, and I get agitated when the bath’s too hot.

For fear of sounding like I live with my head in the clouds, I am grateful for my life because I have a lot to be grateful for, many of my posts will reflect this. They may unintentionally come across as soppy, perhaps even irritating. That being said, you’ll likely find the odd not-so-positive post where I’m having a rant or discussing an unpleasant topic, but that comes with the territory, doesn’t it in one of these ‘life’ blogs (does this term even exist or am I just trying to make ‘life blog’ happen?)

Anyway, thank you for reading. Contact me via the ‘contact’ page if you so wish, I’m always open to receiving a message (unless it’s abuse then jog on, no time for that!)

Namaste ✨

*This is a fact and not an opinion.