Hello, and welcome to Reflect and Introspect! 

Thanks for being here. If you’re looking for some general reflection, you’ve come to the right place!

You can consider this little corner of the world (or web) a tranquil retreat where things are pondered, questioned or simply discussed. A little time out from the chaos of the everyday world, and a little ‘me’ time in your busy schedule to relax and read. I use my blog as a space to clear my thoughts, express my opinions and emotions on what I encounter in everyday life, and in a way, to keep a log of my life so far. And I hope that for you here reading it, you find some content that you can really relate to.

When people ask me ‘what type of blog do you write?’ it’s quite difficult to answer, as I write about whatever topic I feel like writing about. I have started to say ‘life’, which makes me sound like some super interesting celebrity who has a lot to share from life, but minus the celebrity status, I do have a lot to share. And so here we are! My life blog. You can peruse the various categories to read about whatever takes your fancy today.

So grab a brew (or a lovely glass of red – and an extra one for me!), sit back and enjoy.

And don’t forget to click ‘Contact’ if you fancy getting in touch with feedback (and remember kindness is free!) or just to say hello!

Megan x