A Year of Mindfulness – 29 – Body Moving

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Week 29 (w/c 10th August) was all about body moving. The card from the jar argued that most of us (statistically speaking) spend the greater part of the working day sitting down. We can spent hours sitting in the same position at our desks and it can be easy to forget to move our bodies, until we’re faced with pain or discomfort and realise we’ve been sat still for too long. I don’t know about you, but I can definitely resonate with this!

The task this week was to stand, stretch and walk during two separate intervals in the day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – to get your muscles and joints warmed up a little. It was important to pay attention to the feelings in your body whilst you did this and appreciate the feelings it encouraged. You should then return to your desk feeling fresh and enlivened, which will then increase work efficiency.

If the truth be told, I didn’t do this task and it was probably one that would really benefit me. I am prone to sitting for too long at my desk without taking breaks, and with working from home now I don’t even spend time walking to and from work or the bus stop anymore! I do stretch every now and again, but it tends to only come when my body is already hurting, thus reminding me to stretch it out. With taking on my writing job around my full-time job, I’m actually sat at my computer for a lot longer nowadays, so really do need to stretch. I was a little disappointed I didn’t do the task this week.

This task made me think a lot about my love for yoga. I had always been interested in people who like yoga. What is it that attracts them? How do they do it properly? What is their secret? They always seemed so calm and put together, there must be a secret to it. I had tried yoga over the years but never really got it. That was, until I found an amazing teacher (Clare Bethan Yoga). From the very first class, something was different and I found myself completely switching off and revelling in her classes. I also noticed the difference in my body – stretching out every muscle did wonders as I tend to hold a lot of tension, especially in my upper body. It really is so important to stretch.

So even though I didn’t do this task, this is one of those that I vow to implement into my daily routine moving forwards. It is my last week in my full-time job this week and I am so excited to really cultivate a self-care routine from the week after I finish. I have these grand plans to spend my first week as a freelancer writing, exercising and doing yoga daily, I honestly cannot wait.

See you next week!

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