The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: Normality

What a week this has been! Non-stop or what?!

This week, I took on some extra writing and project work, and I also picked up a few shifts at the wine bar (which is operating as a shop and doing online virtual tastings), so it’s been a pretty full on week. I’m feeling tired, but in a good way because I’ve felt like I have experienced a little piece of normality. Being out of the house and around people, having a laugh and having human interaction has made things feel almost normal again – something I hadn’t quite experienced yet in 2021 so far. I also got to pick up a bottle of my favourite wine, so it was a win-win all round!

I love working from home – it was the main driver to quit my job and work for myself after all. But I also love working with people, so I can’t wait for the wine bar to operate as a bar again. It has been great this week to have some time away from the four walls of my house, my barking dog, and the kids throwing tantrums next door. Even though the work I’ve been doing in the bar for the virtual wine tastings is very labour-intensive (my inner old lady is coming out because my body is in agony from the heavy lifting of crates of bottles!), it felt really good to be doing something a little different. I even got to have a proper latte from Costa (well – the Costa machine in the Co-Op but beggars can’t be choosers!) and put a full face of make up on, what a bloody treat!

Experiencing normality gives me a bit of hope that a version of life as we knew it is on the horizon. I take real solace in seeing other countries who have responded to the pandemic in a more effective way than here in the UK opening up. My friend in Australia recently celebrated her birthday by going for a long brunch, visiting an aquarium and spending the evening at a gig. It filled me with immense joy, as it can sometimes feel like those small pleasures we used to enjoy are a thing of the past, never to return again. Normality gives me hope, and I’m feeling excited for the year ahead.

I have a few things for you this week, but it’ll be a quick one as I feel like all I’ve done all week is work (I mean, that’s literally because all I’ve done all week is work!)



Guys, I’m making this the ONLY time I’m ever allowing this on my blog – but I haven’t read a thing all week. I mean, I probably have – I’ve been reading tweets and random articles here and there, but nothing of particular substance. I can’t even remember the last time I read a book, it’s shocking. I just have zero motivation right now to read and I’m finding it really difficult to focus. I am vowing to make this coming week the week I change this. I will have a great read for you next week – you heard it here first!


Tales From The Loop

I was so intrigued by this as I love science fiction, but I can’t lie, it was really, really crap. Unless it has gone completely over my head (which is entirely possible), I do not get what the point of this series was. Nothing made sense at all – and not in a good science fiction is absolutely mindblowing kind of way like that film where the fella ends up in the bookcase. It just became boring and I had no idea what to even think by the end of it. Wouldn’t recommend. AT ALL.

What I would recommend though is the following video of my beautiful friend George.


I am missing seeing friends so much, and it has been so long since I’ve seen some of my best friends. With us all living all over the country and world, it’s been longer than ever since we’ve been able to catch up in person. So I was thrilled when my friend’s boyfriend sent me this video, because it made me so happy to see her loving life dancing about. George is always a breath of fresh air, she is one of those people that lights up your life just by being herself, and now that I’m sharing this I think I might start sharing some of the other drunken videos I’ve taken over the years, especially ones where she joins another ray of sunshine Sinead and sings Adele on karaoke like a wounded spinster. It is brilliant, 10/10, would fully recommend.


HEAD & HEART by Joel Corry feat mnek

I heard this song recently and it instantly made me excited for pubs to reopen and to spend Summer in beer gardens with friends. Listen, if you’re reading this and thinking I’m naïve or optimistic or any other general doom and gloom thoughts, you just keep them inside your brain please. I’m excited by the prospect of a Summer spent in beer gardens with copious pints of Dark Fruits, friends, laughter and music – hell at this stage even table dancing. So don’t dash my hopes and dreams, please and thanks.

Before You Go…

Today is Valentine’s Day, and whilst I don’t celebrate it – I hope those of you who do have had a lovely time. I think the best way to spend Valentine’s Day is by loving all that you have – be it pets, things or people, and especially to love yourself. This tweet is the perfect summary – especially the part where it says be nice to yourself, eat too much and fall asleep on the sofa. Sounds like my ideal day. Thanks to my gorgeous friend Rach for sharing it with me.

See you next week!

Featured Image Photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

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