1 Year Mindfulness Challenge

A Year of Mindfulness – 18 – Lucky Breaks

lucky break
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

This week’s task really resonated with me and whilst I didn’t fulfil it to the best of my ability, it’s something that I wanted to share anyway because it’s such an important lesson to remember. 

Week 18 of the mindfulness challenge was the week of lucky breaks. It was time to focus on the little lucky breaks in life that are often underappreciated. These aren’t huge things like winning the lottery, but small daily things that we often take for granted. As the prompt card points out, times when we miss the train stick in our minds longer than times we’re late to the station, but the train is still there to let us in. It is such a great point and something I’m definitely guilty of! It also intertwines with perspective – how you choose to see what’s happening to you (or for you).

Further examples of this might be dropping something and it not breaking,  traffic lights going from red to green without you having to slow down, that sort of thing. There might be more scope to conduct this task in ordinary circumstances when one is not in lockdown, and whilst I’m sure there are a lot of lucky breaks that happen at home, this week was just a little bit scarce. The one notable one was that halfway through the week, I went to make tea (or dinner for those non-Northern readers), and I needed something quick and easy as I had a writing deadline. I made some tortelloni and had a carton of ready-made pasta sauce (some of the fresh stuff that is potted and lasts for a lot less time than ready-made jarred sauces) that was about 5 days out of date. But having done the smell test and feeling adventurous, I went for it anyway. It smelled and tasted fine, and it was a nice lucky break in a week where not much else was happening!

So, might have been a quiet week on the task front but this one’s definitely a good task to do in general and I’ll definitely be applying it moving forwards. Let me know what your lucky breaks look like! 

See you next week! 

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