30 by 30

They say a lot can change in a year. I live a great life, but I’ve noticed that each year, I seem to carry over various things on my bucket list, just because I simply don’t get around to doing them. OK, so some things that I carry over, such as travelling the world or buying a beautiful house in Norway, are a little unreasonable. I’ve had a lot going on over the last 4 years, so it’s not exactly been possible to do these two just yet, but there are definitely other things on my lists which could be achieved with a little more commitment and focus. I started thinking about these lately, after reading the blurb of a book which described how the protagonist had just six months left of her twenties and was on a mission to tick things off before she turned 30. I found myself wondering what I might want to tick off my own list before I’m 30 next year.

When I looked online at what people recommend to do before the age of 30, I was surprised to see that I’ve actually already done quite a lot of the supposed ‘big’ things. I’ve moved to a new city, lived in another country (best year ever!), travelled to various different places and got married. But for me, it’s never been about these big ‘milestones’. Whilst I’m always curious about the things that feature on these lists, I dislike the pressure they can bring and I don’t believe that, by 30 years old, everybody should have a career or kids, be married or simply have their sh*t together. I don’t really believe that people should have anything specific at all by 30, after all, it’s really just another birthday, isn’t it?

But just as I adore the reflection and looking ahead that comes with each new year, I love the idea of reflecting on the last decade of my life before I enter a new one. As I reflect on my twenties, I’m not so fussed about what aligns with generic ‘life goals’ (why do I always find myself using terms or phrases I despise in my own blog posts?), but I’d like to hope that I’ve learnt things, been a good person, and made the most of my life so far. And I have done all of these things. But there’s also a few things that I’d love to finally get around to, and giving myself a deadline of my birthday next year seems like a great way to make sure it all gets done! And so here we are, the birth of my 30 by 30 list – 30 things I’d like to achieve before my 30th birthday next August!

So before you read it, I already know what you’re thinking. Some of what’s on my list may be a little cheeky – my friend laughed when I told her that ‘go to a gig’ is on there, because obviously I’m going to to to a gig; it’s my favourite hobby. But I want to go to a gig before I’m 30, and so it made the cut. And that’s the point. What’s on my list isn’t unreachable – everything is (or should be) completely attainable. Of course I’d love to save the planet, travel the world, rescue 1000 dogs or live on a farm (one of those where you just live with all the animals), but these aren’t realistic (yet!) and I’d only be setting myself up for failure. Where’s the fun in that?! Even still, James laughed and said there’s no way I’ll get through this list in the next 12 months, and that was the final push I needed – anything to prove my darling husband wrong. By publishing my list here into the blogosphere, I can be held accountable for my own actions. And if nothing else, it’ll make for another blog post and that means I’ve sort of ticked off number 23 to ‘write more frequently’. Win win! Check me out, smashing it already!

So below is my list, in all its semi-mundane glory. I’m looking forward to embarking on this adventure to cross them off over the next year and I’d love to share tips and tricks if anyone’s done something similar!

My 30 things to do before 30

1. Climb Mount Snowdon (this has been on my bucket list since 2014 and I STILL haven’t done it)

2. Get more ear piercings

3. Get another tattoo

4. Go camping (another one – always wanted to go and never been!)

5. Do a yoga retreat

6. Go to a festival

7. Go to a gig (ha!)

8. Write something that is published professionally

9. Be content in my job

10. Go on a cool honeymoon

11. Save a decent amount of money

12. Read at least 12 books

13. Do something for charity other than donating

14. See the Northern Lights

15. Have a massage

16. Put myself first more (even if people don’t like it!)

17. Eat in a restaurant/ cafe alone

18. Visit a new city/ country

19. Stop overcommitting myself to things

20. Unwind in a spa

21. Be more assertive

22. Minimalise the house

23. Write more frequently

24. Take a week off social media

25. Develop technical/ digital design skills

26. Take better care of my body and mind (drink alcohol but not to the point where I throw up for the entire next day and feel horrific for a week)

27. Commit to a more frequent yoga and meditation practice

28. Be vegetarian for longer than a month

29. Do one ‘random act of kindness’ each month

30. Run a marathon

And so there you have it! My 30 by 30 list. I’m looking forward to posting again next year with an update on how I’ve completed each and every one and how much of a changed person I am; though admittedly even I’m doubting the marathon! Oh well, god loves a trier.

Watch this space!


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