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The Turmoil of Taylor Wimpey Part 2

For context on this instalment, be sure to read The Turmoil of Taylor Wimpey Part 1 first!

So… after our long, hard think, we decided that maybe it was a good thing we had missed out on that particular house and that there wouldn’t be any more coming on for a while.

The prices for that particular development were extortionate it seemed (because with Taylor Wimpey at least, you don’t get to know the prices until the house gets released), and we realized that we just weren’t willing or able to fight to pay that much for a house on the development. The realization that the added stress that would come with buying a house on this development was just too much, so we parked our interest right there.

A few months passed, we didn’t really look again and we still planned to put our house on the market in January 2022. It was at this point, around October 2021, that James informed me he had found another new build development that he really liked the look of, but there was a catch. It was another Taylor Wimpey.

Another Taylor Wimpey?!

I know. Apparently, we’re a glutton for punishment because at this stage we knew clearly how Taylor Wimpey worked. We knew it was going to be VERY difficult to pursue a home with them. Not all builds operate like they do, some offer waiting lists, and others just make life a bit easier, so were we honestly going to pin our hopes and dreams on Taylor Wimpey?

Yep. Yep we were.

Around October 2021, we found a development a little further away that had 4 bedroom houses for A LOT cheaper than what we could get around here. It was about 35 minutes away from where we live now, but in the direction of Liverpool where my family live, and we kind of thought that maybe, being away from the Manchester commuter belt, it might be less competitive.

Whilst I wasn’t all that keen on moving away from Manchester, James insisted we at least go to look. He had been to see the development one weekend whilst I was away, and he had a really strong feeling that we would like to move there. I was still very much humouring him when we went to see the development, but as we drove into the local area, I was struck by the vast open spaces, endless fields and a general nice feel about the place. And as we drove onto the development, I was struck again by how lovely it was. I quite liked the idea of a new, fresh start, and I liked what I had seen of the area so far.

Taylor Wimpey Turmoil Round 2

Several months had passed since the goings on with the other development, and the anguish we felt the first time around had somewhat dissipated, so we decided to have another go. We decided to at least enquire about when the next 4 bedroom houses will be available and were told that they were likely to go on the website around April 2022, for completion around October 2022.

We couldn’t believe the timeline.

With our house planning to go on the market in January, the timeline for this particular Taylor Wimpey development would suit us almost down to a T! And what’s more, the salespeople at this particular office were a world away – helpful and human – and told us from the outset that we really need to be in a position to proceed in order to purchase – that means to have the house sold and ready to go.

Could There Be Hope?!

The interactions with the two sales reps on this development were so positive, and again, we began the rigmarole of calling for updates week-in-week-out, and I began to become known to them too. They were wonderful, friendly, and whilst they couldn’t give us any more information, they gave us what they could whenever I rang and were very transparent. We felt as though they were rooting for us and a part of me felt if this is what the local people are like here, it’s a nice place to live.

Thus began the start of our frequent journeys to the area, checking it out and seeing whether it was somewhere we would genuinely like to live. We discovered it was, and our desire to move there really grew.

Taylor Wimpey D-Day Round 2

After months of visiting the town, looking at other houses (not just new builds) we decided that this lovely place really was somewhere we would like to live. We researched all houses available, but our heart was set on a new build.

On my regular calls with the salespeople at Taylor Wimpey, I was told that it would almost certainly be APRIL before the houses we wanted were released, but by this point, we had been given house types, plot numbers, and rough prices (see – I told you they were 10 x more helpful than the last guy!) as well as rough release months, so we were just waiting for them to be released.

All was well, when suddenly, on the day after our first viewing on our home (you know the one from my previous posts – the viewing with the dream buyers!), on my routine refresh of their website, I discovered an update and not one, but TWO houses were released.

TWO HOUSES. RELEASED. A whole MONTH ahead of schedule.

Plan of Action

This time around, we were savvy. James and I had already agreed that the very SECOND a house becomes available, we will take what we can get and that either one of us who sees it first should call and get the ball rolling. Without hesitation, I called the salespeople, got straight through, and practically shouted down the phone that we would take either of the available houses.

Then came the slow, apprehensive reply.

Both houses had gone…

Both. Fucking. Houses. Had. Gone.


It must have been tops 15 minutes since my last refresh this time, but I thought that with two houses, we had double the fighting chance.

Apparently, the people who got these partciular houses work in IT, so had some sort of hack on their computers to notify them of any change to the website. They got in there pretty much immediately and reserved them.

It really was a game of luck.

A Lesson

I felt despair, fury, and outrage. I couldn’t compete with computer geeks, and I realized once again that we didn’t have a fighting chance. The sales guy I’d been speaking to for months expressed his profuse apologies, and of course, it wasn’t his fault, but I just had to get off the phone. I was so upset.

We had been waiting for these houses for months, and we knew the timeline because they had been so helpful – once these particular houses were released and snapped up, the others weren’t going to be available for a LONG time. They told me they would call me should anything change, which I appreciated as I knew by this point that it wasn’t really their policy, but more a gesture of how human these particular salespeople were.

We resigned ourselves that perhaps a new build home really was a pipe dream. It was just too much stress to keep going after one, and we both agreed that we would divert our efforts ONLY to normal homes from now on. We had more of a chance there.

At this point, we had an offer from the dream buyers, we had more viewings that weekend, and it was time to give up on the new build dream and focus on going down the route with an existing home that has already been built. It was a game of luck, and we couldn’t rely on luck when making such a big life change.

Or could we?


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