The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: July #1

coffee july 1
Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

Well – the week started off as June week 5 but as I release this series on a Wednesday, today is the first day of July so we’re on July week 1! Can you believe we’re in July already? I know everybody is saying it right now but I feel like I’ve blinked and missed half a year. I can’t even remember what life pre-COVID was like anymore. Maybe that will all start to come back now that things are reopening and life is returning to a sense of normality.

It’s been a busy week and I’m struggling to fit in time to write for my blog at the minute, but admittedly, the 5 minute coffee corner is always the easiest to write as it requires the least amount of thinking!

So this week – what have I done?


The Alchemist

I have to be honest – I’ve not read much this week as it’s been too busy and I’m still struggling to get into this book. I’m persevering and my goal for the next week is to have this finished and boxed off so I can move onto my next book! It’s funny how not particularly enjoying a book can make you feel like you can’t even be bothered reading at all – whereas if I’m enjoying a book, I’ll somehow find the time in a super busy schedule to sit down and get to it. For me, that’s always an indicator of how much I truly like a book once I’ve started reading it.

DanVenture Travels

I discovered one of Dan’s post about travel after coronavirus and really enjoyed reading it, so began reading his other content over the last week. I really enjoy reading blogs that are quite personal and about other peoples’ lives and whilst I tend to use travel blogs as more of a read when I’m going somewhere (ie I would book a trip and then search for blog posts from people about the place(s) I’m heading), I really enjoy reading general travel ones from Dan. He comes across as very personable, likeable and funny in some of his posts and I enjoy the easiness of their reads. Sometimes you just want to sit back and read something that’s a little informal, pleasant and friendly. It’s actually how I started off this 5 Minute Coffee Corner series! Easy reads make the world go around.


The Sinner

I really wanted to sit down and watch more TV this week and weekend, but didn’t get much chance. I did manage to squeeze in Season 3 of The Sinner though – it came out in recent weeks and as I really enjoyed the other two, I was super excited for this one! I have to say, I just wasn’t impressed with this one. It really grabbed me at the beginning as it felt a little ‘culty’ and I’m fascinated by things like that, but it kind of just went a bit strange halfway through and I lost track of what the hell was even going on anymore. There was one episode specifically that felt so farfetched that I became tired of the series altogether. I continued watching to the end, and it was OK, but I wouldn’t rave about it and I wouldn’t particularly recommend it. If you have never seen any of The Sinner, I recommend you watch Season 1 – that was the best in my opinion!


Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

I discovered this singer in Bergen, Norway.  I was in a coffee shop absolutely loving life after I’d always wanted to visit Norway, and the most beautiful song came on. I asked the barista whether he happened to know who the singer was. I would have used Shazam like I usually do, but Norway at that point wasn’t included in my phone contract and cost about £5 each time I wanted to connect to my mobile internet for a minute, and I’d rather eat my own head than give Vodafone any more money than I have to! He told me it was ‘The Only Thing’ by Sufjan Stevens and the first thing I did when I got back to the hotel and had wifi was download it to Spotify. I started listening to him more over the years and really like his stuff, but Chicago is such a catchy, feel-good tune!

Delta Goodrem – In My Own Time

A friend shared a YouTube clip of a singer on ‘The Voice’ and one of the judges was called Delta. Having such a rare (and beautiful) name, I immediately thought it must be Delta Goodrem. I’ve not seen her for years and suddenly remembered she exists (I love when that happens!) Delta Goodrem has got such a gorgeous voice, I used to love singing along to her songs on her ‘Innocent Eyes’ album when I was in my early teenage years. At that time, some of my favourite songs included ‘Innocent Eyes’, ‘Not Me, Not I’ and ‘Lost Without You’ but my favourite was always ‘In My Own Time’. I was only about 13 or 14 when I listened to her, but I really loved her. I’ve noticed that she’s recently released a new song ‘Keep Climbing’ and I gave it a listen, that was great too! She must be making a comeback (did she ever go away or did I just stop listening?!)

So that’s all from me this week! It kind of feels like I don’t have much new stuff to report, but I vow to bring you some more interesting recommendations next week! Have a good rest of the week all, and I’ll see you this time next Wednesday!

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