The Corona Diaries Week 6: Little Things

Following week 5 of lockdown, which I spent feeling anxious and worried about my Mum (post here), I was hoping for a much calmer and less worried week in week 6. And really, it was a bit calmer and generally, not much happened. I’ll get the serious stuff out the way first. Mum is improving daily, she’s still breathless and a little under the weather but nothing like what she was. I believe that’s the thing with Corona, it just takes a while to completely shift. It feels good to be less on edge and anxious, and more reassured that she’s on the up.

One thing I have really noticed these last few weeks or so (give or take a few bad nights last week) is that my sleeping pattern is much better lately and continuously improving. I’m observing a vast difference in my sleep. I am waking up through the night a lot less (if – dare I say – at all), and I’m having extremely vivid dreams which I’m remembering every morning. I’m waking up naturally at around 7.30am each day (I’d usually be halfway through my morning routine by then in the real world) and I can honestly say that I feel rested and refreshed. It’s definitely helped me appreciate the little things in life this week.

Talking of little things, I’m wondering if I’m all my gratitude practice is paying off and I’m getting much better at it now, or whether lockdown is getting the better of me. I found myself really appreciating a biscuit tin I bought in Belgium back in 2014. I’ve always liked it, but I found myself really loving it this week. Furthermore, the far-too-expensive bottle of acetone I ordered on amazon arrived, so I was able to finally soak off the dip-powder nails that have been stuck on for far too long now. I’ve been trying to hide them on the rare occasion that I physically interact with someone, and I knew they were bad, but even my brother in law who knows nothing about beauty commented on the state of them when I sent a photo to the family Whatsapp group and accidentally forgot to crop them out. I no longer have long nails, but at least they aren’t as physically repulsive to look at anymore. It felt good to have them off. And to top off the week, I started to learn ‘Goodbye my Lover’ by James Blunt on piano. Enthralling week all round, but it’s the little things that count, right?

The only downside really to report this week is that I live with a husband who has a complete and utter lack of ability to empathise with dire situations. My roots (of my hair) are getting really bad now and I’m looking scruffy, to say the least. It really is crucial that I get the colour done soon. I told James that I’m refusing to emerge from quarantine until I get sorted and that if it means losing my job because I refuse to go to work without a full head of luscious red locks, so be it. He said I was being dramatic. I decided not to justify him with a response because there’s enough negativity in the world right now without arguing with fools.

So week 6 of lockdown – done and dusted. Week 7 next week – I wonder what that will bring? Likely not much different, but that’s OK. I’m sure I can find more household items to adore.

See you next week! 


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