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We’re Moving House!

If we are friends or you are a regular reader of my blog (though admittedly, there has been a lot going on in my life in the last month, so posts other than my Human Kindness series have been scarce) you might know that I am in the very early stages of moving house.

A wonderful friend of mine questioned whether I would be documenting the move, and it was something that I was already thinking about (and like so many other things in my life had started to write several posts about that I had not yet published). I have been so busy lately with unfortunate things happening in life, work, and getting the ball rolling with the move, that I have barely had time to think and catch my breath, let alone write.

But I love to use my blog as a tool for reflection and I figured it would be pretty cool to document this moving house journey from start to finish, to see how far we go (both geographically and metaphorically) and document the things along the way that we are bound to forget, whether that’s because we mentally block them out never to refer back to again (like what will hopefully one day soon be Rightmove), or because life is so busy with other things right now that we don’t give much thought to them at the time.

So if you’re joining me for the journey, welcome! It’s great to have you with me. Over the next few posts, I’ll share a few of my thoughts, observations (of which there are MANY!), and lessons so far, and in future, you can expect my thoughts, emotions and everything in between. I’ll publish as and when something of interest happens as the moving journey continues, and hopefully build what should be a pretty insightful recollection of this journey via this blog series.

Because it wouldn’t be my life without another blog series would it?


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