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The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: Spain

Wow, it feels like I’m in a completely different place from last week’s post where I was moaning about the rain, depressing weather and darkness. I am back in Spain and it is a world away from the cold and rain in Manchester!

I arrived in Sunny Spain on Sunday evening, and unfortunately spent the whole of Sunday night and most of yesterday throwing up, hence this delayed post! NOT how I fancied starting my holiday – though to be fair, is it a holiday if you’re working? It feels like it, but admittedly less so than last time when I was free to spend all of my time unrestricted.

It is great being able to work from Spain though – I have to admit. OK, the internet is slightly slower (I’m tethering it from my phone as there is no Wifi where I’m staying) and I’m working of an evening, but today I was able to go spend a few hours at the beach with my family which was absolutely DIVINE. A beach. In November. Plus I’m always in my element to be conversing in Spanish and around Spanish foods etc. so all in all, if it wasn’t obvious before, I am a huge fan of remote working and this is really the first time I’m seeing the full benefits of Freelance/ remote working life since leaving my job last September.

So a short and sweet post from me this week, as I have to get back to reading on the balcony!


The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I only started reading this today on the beach and I am absolutely HOOKED. It toys with the idea of getting to live out all the versions of your life that could have been if you had made different choices. I actually had a similar idea to write a book, but it seems Matt Haig has already beaten me to it – and in much more spectacular style. I’m really enjoying it so far so will report back next week!


on the verge

I have been looking for something to watch on Netflix just to wind down after work and switch off whilst I have my tea, and I found this little series. It basically follows the lives of four women in an epoch just before COVID hit the world, and I actually really loved it. It is all about their lives living with different issues – one being a single mother to several children with not enough money to keep them afloat, one is a talented chef with a waste of space husband who doesn’t support her at all and is actually quite abusive, another has a host of mental health issues and a secret life, and is neurotic about her almost teenage son’s welfare, and the final comes across as happy and carefree but is facing her own battle in her life.

It was a bit of a funny one because I really liked it and enjoyed watching it, but I felt that it lacked a bit of depth and there was no real storyline other than following the daily lives of these people (but this was something that I also really liked about it). However there were so many times where I laughed out loud at the dry humour, and for that, I would recommend it. Some of the characters were really irritating but I would say it’s worth a watch, purely because it felt like an interesting insight into the lives of other marriages – even if it was fictional!


Qantas – QF1 arrives in London

I am an absolute sucker for videos like this so I absolutely loved seeing this video shared by Qantas of their first flight out of Sydney since the pandemic began and they closed their borders. I have friends in Australia who haven’t been able to get home for so long to see their families, and this video truly warmed my heart. I LOVE videos like this!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Before You Go…

I just have to share the SUPER exciting thing that happened to me today – and as I wrote this I questioned whether I need to get a life. Probably, but I do get excited by wine, so I’m sharing it anyway!

One of my favourite Spanish wine producers (Borsao) stocks bottles at the wine bar I work at, and I adore every bottle I’ve had by them. Well, I went to Mercadona today – the best supermarket ever and where I used to shop when I lived in Spain – and they had a bottle on the shelf by none other than Borsao! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the bottle was €1.85 – yes ONE EURO AND 85 CENTS!!! I have paid more for a bottle of water. So exciting.

I tried to have a glass tonight but I’m still feeling delicate from being so ill yesterday, so I’ll save it for tomorrow when I’m hopefully feeling back to my wine-drinking self.


See you next week!

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