The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: Happiness

HAPPY MONDAY! And more importantly, HAPPY LOVE ISLAND DAY (yes I am one of those people and I am unapologetically excited for its return!!!)

It’s really funny as I type happy Monday because I remember my friend at work always wishing me a happy Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and my first grumpy reaction was always THESE DAYS ARE NEVER HAPPY!!!! I would only accept her wish for a happy day on a Thursday or Friday, when they truly were happy, because I only had two more days in work before escaping for the weekend. What a grumpy and sad life I lived!

Not much is new over here, I have well and truly settled back into post-holiday life. Had my COVID vaccine a couple of days after I got home, spent the next few days feeling like shit, then worrying about poor James who had his the day after mine and ended up going through another mini-COVID as a result of his. I don’t really understand it but this virus completely knocks him out like I’ve never seen before, it’s crazy. When I had it, I was ill but nothing unmanageable (until I lost my sense of taste and smell and then OMG it was hell on earth – see post here) but when James had it, and had his vaccine, he was completely floored.

Anyway, all good now and had a wonderful weekend at my parents’ house, so feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. And of course, I’ve got some wonderful recommendations for you this week!


A Man Called Ove

I have decided I am no longer supporting Amazon and sending custom their way like I usually do, Bezos is rich enough and clearly detested by the amount of people that signed a petition to not let him back on the planet (I don’t even know what it was about or where he’s even gone but I also don’t have the inclination to look!) Either way, Bezos is a bit corrupt, isn’t he, so I’m not directing people to his pocket anymore (yes – I’m fully aware of the irony that when I need something delivering like yesterday, I will obviously go to Amazon because it’s the only place that can make it happen). But for now, when I’m linking books up (see title above) I’m going to do it to Waterstones for you to see the book and then you can purchase from your local bookshop, whatever country you are in!

I read A Man Called Ove on the back of one of my favourite authors, Libby Page’s recommendation, and I can safely say it did not disappoint. I read it on holiday and it was honestly such a lovely read. Whilst it wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, it made me cry at several points and laugh at loud at several points too, and I love a book that makes me lose control over my emotions. It’s basically about a grumpy old man, but it’s a good all rounder and it was enjoyable. I felt sad after finishing it and would really recommend!


Sweet Tooth

Oh my god. There are no words for the cuteness of this show. I have to forewarn that this is not my usual type of show, I don’t really tend to get on with fantasy/mystical/other worldly kids shows like this, but I had been recommended it several times so thought I’d give it a go.

I actually cried because of the cuteness in the first few episodes. And I really looked forward to watching the rest of it every time I switched it off. We blitzed it in a couple of days, and I loved it. One thing that did annoy me a bit (I’m just being a grinch here now!) is that the kid – yes he was cute, yes he was a gorgeous little boy with deer antlers and ears, but WHY did that kid never do as he was told?! I’m sure some people find it cute when a kid just doesn’t do as its told and in fact does everything it was told NOT to do, but me and James being the grinches we are just sat unamused every time he caused something terrible to happen by not doing anything he was told.

Then I remembered if he had been obedient we wouldn’t have a show about his adventure, so swings and roundabouts and all that. If he’d have done as he was told from the outset it probably would be a pretty boring show, so I do understand that needs must. So that’s my two pence, you should absolutely GO WATCH IT!!!

Bob’s Dance Shop / Flash Bob


Flash Bob ⚡️Strikes LA #flashmob #flashbob #dancechallenge #foryourpride #foryou @kameroncomk @jaketgarcia @lucashive 📸 @asenseofhuber

♬ original sound – Bob’s Dance Shop

My lovely friend shared this on her Instagram story a little while ago and it provided me with such JOY that I knew that there was only one place for it! I used to love this song as a teenager when all I listened to was Clubland albums (OMG as I’m writing this I have done a quick search on clubland 5 which was released when I was about 14, and found SO MANY songs I forgot existed!! They’ll have to feature in next week’s post!)

Anyway, this video made me feel so happy and I love the joy that it has seemingly spread across the world. I think we can all collectively agree that we have very much missed dancing (and coincidentally I have a song about dancing ahead for you in the next section!) and it’s amazing to see people dancing and enjoying themselves like this.

Hopefully not too much longer until festivals and gigs are back on (after nearly 18 months, a girl can still dream!)


Had a Hard Day – Texas

While we were away, we stayed on two different campsites (post about the holiday still incoming at some point!) and both times, I came away with some new music to listen to after secretly Shazamming the neighbours’ music! This was one of the songs played by a couple camping next to us, and after further research and listening to the entire album, I have had it on non-stop repeat for the last week and a half since we got back.

I have grown up listening to Texas without really ever paying much attention. My mum has always loved them, and as a result, I know pretty much all their old stuff word for word without ever actively listening. But I absolutely LOVED this song, and I love the rest of the new album ‘Hi‘ which was only actually released a couple of weeks before we went away! Some other great songs on there are Unbelievable, Mr Haze, Hi, and Had to Leave. Though to be fair, I’m really digging the entire album and recommend you listen to the whole thing.

Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)

This song surprisingly made me a little emotional when I first heard it (I mean – doesn’t take much, does it?!). I have listened to it for about 6-7 weeks now I think and every time I listen I wonder about where the speech came from – so for the purpose of this post I finally researched it. I’m still not 100% clear, but I found this wonderful video to accompany the song and thought I’d share that too! It really makes me think of how much joy dancing brings and how much I have missed dancing for the last 18 months or so, I cannot wait to be able to dance again!

Before You Go…

On the topic of happiness, this made me really happy because when we got engaged, I’d have loved for somebody to take sneaky photos like this for me to look back on.

Actually, that’s a bit of a lie because I absolutely howled like a banshee when he proposed and I was VERY VERY grateful he did it whilst there was nobody else around to be honest. I was in a right state, it was the happiest day of my entire life (yep – happier than even my wedding day!) But I absolutely LOVE that these photos were captured for this couple to enjoy forever.

In light of the recent Matt Hancock scandal, I am ADORING all the memes and jokes that are coming out at his expense. I especially loved this one that’s been doing the rounds!

Sending you positive energy and see you next week! ENJOY LOVE ISLAND!

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