The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: Apathy

A friend recently asked me if they missed my 5 Minute Coffee Corner instalment last week and the answer was no, you didn’t miss it, I didn’t write it! Usually I try to catch up if I can’t get to writing it in the week, but I didn’t even bother last week as I felt so drained.

I don’t know about you but I just can’t be bothered with anything right now. I’m so over all of the announcements and retractions that give hope and then take it back, that I’ve just reached a point of apathy with anything to do with getting some sort of life back. I just feel a bit nonchalant about everything. I think I’ve been so overwhelmed by the colossal grief and loss during this pandemic, that now I’m just numb to any form of hope or happiness about it being over, because so much has been lost. One thing that does boost my spirits, however, are all of the 21st June memes – I’m living for them right now.

As always, for my non-UK readers, 21st June will apparently be our date of complete freedom, with the return of large-scale events and a complete lack of social distancing altogether. And whilst that sounds exciting, and I have to admit I did shed a tear when the announcement was made, I’ve recomposed myself and I think I’m at the stage where I’ll believe it when I see it. There’s a lot of faith being put in a government that has so far done a shocking job of dealing with anything to do with this pandemic, so I’m going to just wait and see for now.

I am always intrigued by hearing what’s going on in other countries with regards to the pandemic, and as I work with clients all over the world, I’m fascinated by the fact that normal life has resumed in many parts! For anybody interested, here’s the ‘roadmap’ (I DETEST THIS WORD!!!) out of lockdown for the UK, brought to you by the one and only Simple Politics. They have been a lifeline throughout this pandemic, especially for those of us who can’t bring ourselves to watch Bozza and his cronies ‘addressing the nation’. This roadmap is based on several factors, of course, including the vaccination programme going to plan and actually working, infection rates decreasing and new coronavirus variants not changing the risk level. So basically, it’s still pretty risky and unlikely to happen, but we can hope.

Let me just tell you, at least where I am anyway, there are already way more than six people meeting outdoors for non-recreation purposes, with plenty of groups that exceed 15 adults and kids at my local nature reserve. I was actually really surprised to read that was even a rule right now that’s only due to be lifted on 29th March!

I still hadn’t quite gotten over the trauma of last year, having 16 weeks without a hair colour leaving me with a terrible hybrid of red, blonde, ginger and brown hair. I’m currently due to be the first person to step foot in my hairdresser’s on 12th April! It’s a good job as there’s no way I could go back to working in the bar and being around people with another 16 weeks’ worth of roots!

All I’m seeing here is ‘review about overseas international travel’ – I am beyond excited to go back to my beloved España.

They say if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and that’s kind of how I feel about this last one. Life just feels so far away from nightclubs and festivals right now, but this was the one that made me tear up when I heard it. The prospect of a normal life was too much for me to handle.

Either way, it looks as though things are on the up – even if it won’t be to the exact schedule proposed here. I know one thing for sure though – there’s some words that if I ever hear again in my lifetime it’ll be too soon – roadmap, addressing the nation, lockdown, social distancing are a few that come to mind!

So political updates aside, as always I’m here with some wonderful recommendations for you this week!


Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

What would you do if you could go back in time to a specific memory or circumstance? That’s the concept this book toys with.

Only there are certain rules you must abide by, if you wish to travel back in time. You must sit in a particular seat in the cafe, the time you’re going back to must have been an experience inside the cafe, you cannot leave the seat once you’re in the past, and you can’t do anything that will change the future whilst you’re there. Oh – and of course – you must return before the coffee gets cold.

It’s a really interesting concept and I found the book to be quite moving at times. It didn’t blow my mind as I’d hoped it might, but it was good enough to make me read the second book and it did get me thinking, which is always a great thing.

Something I generally find with translated literature is I don’t always like the way it translates into English, it can feel a little disjointed and I find myself wondering whether the original flowed a bit more smoothly. I do, however, always respect a book that places the translator on one of the main pages, and this one does.

Before The Coffee Gets Cold: Tales From The Cafe

I’m now halfway through the second book so will update on this next week, it’s all good so far!



OMG I have no idea how I’ve only just discovered this recently. I am absolutely LOVING this show. It’s so daft at times and a little farfetched, but the humour in it is so good and I find myself crying laughing at some of the stuff. I really, really love it and if you’re looking for something to just watch and enjoy to take your mind off life for a little while – this is it!


The Business – Tiësto

I am loving this song lately – it always comes on when I’m running just as I need a boost and I love it. It makes me excited for nightclubs and festivals – whether that day is 21st June 2021 or beyond.

Before You Go…

Something I think that us Brits do well (I mean – let’s face it, there isn’t an awful lot is there?!) is memes. Since 21st June was announced as the date that life as we knew it will return, the internet has gone crazy with memes and videos relating to it. Loveofhuns on Instagram has had me crying with laughter on several occasions – here’s a few favourites:

You know what, I feel a little hypocritical now. I’ve named this entire post ‘Apathy’ and now I’m laughing so much at all the memes that I feel anything but apathetic. Oops! Hope they have the same effect on you!

Have a lovely week friends and I’ll see you next week (or actually in about half an hour because I’ve suddenly got my mojo back and got about 3 blog posts in the pipeline!)

Featured Image Photo by Rosalie Lyons on Unsplash

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