The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: October #4

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

I posted a few days ago about the importance of routine and how I was just starting to feel a little settled with my new routine of writing and working in the wine bar. Well Bozza swooped right in and put a stop to that one, didn’t he? Up here in the North, we’re in ‘Tier 3’ lockdown for who knows how long, and I’ll no longer be able to work in the wine bar I love so much. For those readers who are unfamiliar with UK politics – you can read more about the UK lockdown tier system here.

Like everybody else, I’m feeling sad and a little scared about the current circumstances, but if I’m honest, it isn’t myself that I’m worried for. Yes I won’t have my job, I’m not sure I’ll be receiving furlough pay, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back to work, but what it means for me is that I have to bite the bullet and jump headfirst into full-on writing mode, and try my best as a newbie to the industry to make some money from there (anyone willing to share general business tips holla at me – I need all the help I can get!).

That was the long-term goal after all, I just wanted to give myself a little breathing room to make sure my bills were paid for a while whilst starting up slowly. But I’ll make it work, and I’m lucky to have an option of generating income through writing. It’s the people whose livelihoods have been at stake for months, those who have been barely scraping by as it is, those who are suffering from immense psychological distress, and those who have been fiercely playing by all the rules and done everything that’s been asked of them, only to be thanked by being forced to once again shut up shop, recline back down the endless pit of mental health despair, and sit at home with an offensive offer of support, unsure when and if they’ll be receiving a survivable income again, that I feel worried for.

Things feel pretty fucking grim right now. I’m not saying we shouldn’t follow the rules or even have a lockdown. But it’s becoming alarmingly apparent that it’s one rule for some in this country, and another for the others. It’s terrifying witnessing the already existing divide between the North and South of this country grow even larger. It’s terrifying reading comment sections of online news outlets and seeing people turning on each other, like animals in the wild. It’s terrifying to hear that people are having family in their house, or friends to help with childcare, or somebody around to simply talk to because they’re so lonely, and are being reported by people who are being told to do so by some privileged politicians who think that rules don’t apply to them anyway and have no idea of what it is like to have to worry about any of these things*. In the words of the fantastic Christy Moore, I hate politicians.

Disclaimer: Bozza and co might well know what it’s like to struggle. I’m just venting – you don’t need to call me out on the struggles they may or may not have faced in their life.

Anyway, I’m not here for a political debate, I’m here to share some positive resources with you in an attempt to make you feel better if you, too, are feeling a little down over all this. So enough negativity, here’s some things that I guarantee will brighten your mood!


65 Photos That Prove 2015 Wasn’t The Worst Year After All

I’ve been sharing this for years, it’s a little outdated now. But it’s my go-to link for when I need a pick me up! Take a look at it – it’ll restore your faith in humanity.

25 Times James Blunt Well and Truly Won Twitter

If you’ve somehow managed to get to 2020 and have never seen James Blunt’s replies to people on Twitter, I strongly recommend you do so. Right now. Go. Link is in the title! GO!


You’re PREGNANT?! Pregnancy Announcements That Will Melt Your Heart

One of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling down is to watch surprise proposals or pregnancy announcements on YouTube. There’s something so pure about witnessing peoples’ joy and surprise, it’s addictive and the most feel-good thing on the internet!

Joker – Infamous Stairs Dance Scene

This scene is hands down one of the best scenes in the entire history of film-making and cinema. I’m not exaggerating – it is sheer brilliance. I remember coming out of the cinema, getting home and desperately trying to find the clip on YouTube from people who had sneakily videoed it in the cinema – at that time there weren’t many. But thankfully it’s been out for a while and you can see the full scene above. To benefit fully, you might need to watch the entire film for context – but that’s never a bad thing as I think it’s one of the best films ever made! Enjoy!

We Bought a Zoo

It’s been a while since I’ve watched this actually, but for years this was my go-to film when I wanted to watch something lovely, uplifting and outright positive. It’s such a sweet and heartwarming film, it’s impossible to not feel good after watching it!

From Now On – The Greatest Showman (Behind the Scenes)

I actually saw this video before I ever saw The Greatest Showman, and I was so moved by the song and this performance that I went straight and watched it. I watched this entire clip with a humongous smile on my face, absolutely loved it. I adore The Greatest Showman, it’s such a fantastic film and such a feel-good, if you haven’t seen it I definitely recommend it.


Spring 1 – Max Richter

I must have shared this song about 50 times on my blog already, but this is such a beautiful, uplifting song. Max Richter is one of my favourite composers ever and I love a lot of his songs, but this one is particularly wonderful.

Set You Free – N-Trance

Whenever I feel down and I hear this song, it reminds me of being younger with my best friends in clubs dancing away without a care in the world. It was played at my wedding and we relived our younger days, I love old-school music like this, it always takes me back to young, fun and carefree memories.

I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons

I just think this is such a great feel-good song. It makes me want to jump and dance, I love it!

Always on My Mind – Pet Shop Boys

I’ve also shared this song before on my blog, but it’s another of my go-to songs when I want a bit of a boost. There’s something about it that makes me want to dance!

Oh my god I’m going to have to stop here because there’s so much more I could share in every category above, but I don’t have the time or inclination to spend the next 5 years researching!

Things are feeling negative right now, but there’s so much goodness out there in the world that is at our fingertips with the internet, make sure you get full use of it. You can control your own reactions to things – try not to let the doom and gloom bring you down!

See you next week!

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