The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: October #3

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

I missed another week of posting last week – I know, but I’ve been cutting myself a bit of slack lately after an especially crazy few weeks. And I feel better for it! But somebody recently said to me “don’t you blog anymore?” and it made me feel really sad. I love keeping my blog, I love writing it and I am more than aware that I’ve let it slip recently. If the truth be told, I’m still trying to get myself into some sort of a routine. I’m working in the wine bar, and also working on my usual writing jobs plus the odd project here and there and quite frankly, I’m just not getting around to creating some stability and routine!

I didn’t realise how important routine is. In my last job, I would work Monday – Friday pretty much 9-5, and I’d do my writing jobs before work, at lunchtime, after work, or of a weekend. It was kind of a set process and I was comfortable in it. But now, I might do some shifts in the wine bar during the week and at the weekend, starting early afternoon and not getting home until late (although admittedly slightly earlier with the 10pm curfew). I’ll do my writing jobs throughout the week whenever I get them in, and I’ve taken a few more on which is great. But the constant running around and being on my feet, especially after 6 months of sitting on my backside at home working, is leaving me feeling tired and I’m not being disciplined enough to get up early the following day to create some kind of routine. I’m letting myself wake up without an alarm, which was fine at first because my body is getting used to the new later nights and being on my feet. But I’ve been making the most of slow mornings and being in no rush to start work a little too often, and it’s leaving me feeling a little disorganised and, dare I say, lazy! Yikes! Me and lazy do not go well together.

So from this week coming, I’ll be focusing on developing some sort of routine. And in that routine, I’ll be finally catching up on and publishing the mound of blog posts I’ve been meaning to get around to for the last few weeks! Nobody will ever need to ask me am I still blogging again – woohoo!

So, what do I have to share with you this week?


The Power of Routines in Your Mental Health

I was intrigued by the fact that I’m struggling to get into a new routine, and had a little Google on the topic, as you do. I come across this article and thought that the author, Mariana Plata, encapsulated my exact sentiments on the topic. If you’re somebody who likes structure in their life, or somebody who feels like life is a little chaotic right now and in need of a routine, make sure you check out this post.

It’s brilliant, explains why we benefit so much from organization, and has some tips for incorporating routine into your day-to-day life!


The Haunting of Bly Manor

I’m sure you’ve seen this title coming at you from all angles lately on social media and like me, have given in and started to watch the damn thing!

It was actually a post that referred to Flora, the young girl, being annoying by constantly using the phrase ‘perfectly splendid’ that evoked my curiosity a week or so ago on what this programme was. We’ve been watching it on evenings that I’ve not been working and I have to say, for some bizarre reason, I’m hooked!

We usually wouldn’t watch a horror, because let’s face it, they’re always shit aren’t they? But this one intrigued me and I’m actually captivated by the storyline. James, naturally, hates it and barely watches it with me, but I can’t watch it alone as it is quite scary from time to time. So we’re about 5 episodes in and hoping to finish the series in the next few days. I’d recommend it so far – I’m quite enjoying it!


Breathless – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Since working in the wine bar, I’ve been exposed to some new music that I somehow hadn’t heard of until now. One of these songs is Breathless by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (link above to listen). It’s such a feel-good tune and I get so excited when it comes on, and always end up with a spring in my step walking around the wine bar. I find that it’s such a nice song to play and just listen to, and it really improves my mood, especially with everything going on in the world right now. If you’re a little done with the current situation, be it politics, the current climate or all of the other unrest right now, have a listen to this – you’ll be glad you did!

That’s all for this week! I’ll finally be catching up on other posts in coming days, and I’m looking forward to settling into a new routine! Happy Sunday one and all, wherever you are in the world, and I’ll see you in a few days on Wednesday – back to normal!

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