The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: September #2

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

Oh my god this week is chaos. It’s my last week at work which has coincided with the start of term next week and a plethora of technical and logistical issues that I’m frantically trying to sort. My work for my writing job has ramped up this week too (not complaining of course) but jeeeeeeeeeeeez. I didn’t want to turn the writing work down even though I knew I’d have an overload this week, as that extra work will be a lifeline to me moving forwards. I wasn’t going to write a post this week for the 5 Minute Coffee Corner, but as always, writing is cathartic to me and it gives my brain a much-needed break. So here I am, true to the name of the series – taking a 5-minute coffee break to give my brain a rest from the overwhelm!

Life feels very emotional right now. I’m excited, nervous, apprehensive and hopeful for what’s about to come. I’ve worked in the institution I’m in now for almost 8 years, and I am nervous but excited to dive into the unknown. My friend sent a lovely message around to the office inviting us all to virtual leaving drinks for me on Friday, and I nearly cried reading it. My emotions are all over the place this week, but I suppose that is to be expected. I’m feeling very reflective and thoughtful about all that I’ve learnt over the years, both in a personal and professional sense thanks to my work. Friday will be emotional, of course, but I’m ready for the next challenge.

So my emotional overload aside, what have I got for you this week? The truth is – not all that much!


Dettol Advert on the London Underground

So obviously, I’ve not had much time to do anything lately so I haven’t been reading a lot, but I did see this last week and wanted to share it as I recall reading it and recoiling in horror. I follow a lot of copywriters on Twitter, and this image was doing the rounds, but I especially love this person’s tweet and the response to it – it sums up my thoughts on the topic.

The advert is a Dettol advert that features across the London underground and it seems to be referencing the fact that offices are beginning to plan for reopening and that their staff are planning to head back to work after 6 months working from home. I don’t know what went through this copywriter’s head when they thought this was enticing copy, but from reading it, I suspect it was written by one of those London consultants who walk around with a shirt, chinos and boat shoes with no socks, laugh at their own jokes (I mean, I can’t really talk to be fair as I do this), mansplain and use the word ‘bants’ seriously in conversation to describe the weekend they spent with the boys sniffing cocaine from their company credit card. No offense if that’s you by the way, each to their own!

The fact that they refer to ‘not having to make lunch’ says it all – not sure what planet you’re on pal but working in the office meant I was still poor and had to take my home-made lunch in every day. And the reference to ‘second family’ made me die a little inside.

Come on Dettol, do better (incidentally Dettol, if you’re reading this, I’m free as of next week and will happily write some copy for you).


The Fall

I contemplated whether to share this, as I’m not entirely sure if I recommend it or not. My hairdresser mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she had been up until really late the night before, absolutely hooked on this show. Intrigued, I thought it’d make for some easy watching whilst eating or something to watch for a Sunday night.

Easy – it was not, it was actually really traumatic and anxiety-inducing. But we stuck with it and ended up watching the entire three seasons – more out of curiosity than anything. It was OK, I suppose, but the characters lacked depth (except Stella – who was the absolute BOSS of all women ever!) but I just felt a little deflated after watching it. I thought maybe there would be a giant twist or some really clever storyline, but it just never seemed to come.

It was OK I suppose, and it was a good thriller/suspense. I’d watch it if you can’t find anything else, purely for Gillian Anderson’s sex appeal.


Jerusalema – Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode

Ahhhhh. Just listen to it. I can’t put into words the wonderfulness of this song.

I love songs that are sung in languages or dialects, I love music videos that feature traditional cultural dances and I love songs that feel good. The song is, I believe, sung in Khelobedu which is a South African language spoken by Lobedu People (according to Wikipedia). The translation of the lyrics actually relates to Jerusalem being the home to many spiritual believers and the song is reported to be quite gospel-like.

It’s a wonderful song, check it out!

Word of the Week


I follow Matt Haig on Twitter who posted a question asking his followers what their favourite ‘initialism’ was. I had never heard the word before. It means:

an abbreviation formed from initial letters

I always thought things like ‘WTF’ and ‘FFS’ were acronyms, but I’ve since learned the subtle difference (which you can also learn for yourself here). In summary, an acronym also functions as a standalone word (ie NASA, DVD) whereas an initialism is simply the abbreviated letters (ie WTF, FFS).

Interesting, right?!

See you next week!

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