A Year of Mindfulness – 27 – Compliments

Photo by Hipster Mum on Unsplash

Wahey – another corker this week!

This week was the week of compliments, where I had to be on the look-out for all opportunities to compliment the people around me. I had to make sure to not overdo it, or say things just to flatter inauthentically, but I should wait for the appropriate moments and then jump on them to let people know my honest appreciation. The idea is that compliments can work wonders for the receiver and I might be amazed at how good giving them makes me feel too.

It didn’t really take much effort to do this task. As I was doing it I realised that I actually compliment people quite a lot anyway. I did catch myself being more mindful of when I was complimenting and I started to compile a list at the start of the week of the compliments I had paid. However, this sloped off towards the end of the week because there’s something kind of inauthentic about keeping a log of the authentic compliments you’re delivering.

So as I always do with a task like this, I’ll list some compliments that I may or may not have given this week and it might guide you on the types of things you might like to say to people if you’re struggling to find something nice to say. Admittedly, some of them aren’t compliments but just nice things to say or do. Of course, there are infinite compliments to add to this list, but here’s 10 for now!

  • Tell a friend or colleague their hair/make up/general appearance looks nice (and this can, of course, be done virtually if you are meeting on Zoom or something similar)
  • Tell a friend who is doubting themself and their ability that they can do whatever they put their mind to because they’re amazing at life
  • If you’re lucky enough to still have living parents or grandparents, tell them something you love about them, or simply just tell them you love them
  • When you hear somebody self-depricating, advise them they’re doing it and tell them all the wonderful things about them and reasons they shouldn’t be!
  • Tell a stranger you like their outfit whilst in the supermarket/shop/restaurant/pub
  • Tell somebody you are inspired by that you look up to them
  • Comment on a photo/piece of work/life event that somebody posts on social media and proclaim your happiness – even if (especially if!) you’re not close to them
  • Leave a public review for a restaurant or service you’ve received recently that was positive
  • Send a text out of the blue to a friend you’ve not spoken to for a while and tell them what you love about them
  • Think of a time when somebody you know has handled a situation really well, then tell them!

This list could literally go on forever and I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted with a lot of them – you don’t need me to tell you how to give a compliment or be nice!

I do think it’s especially important to compliment or give feedback on great service. People are so quick nowadays to moan on Twitter or send complaints when they receive bad service, but less quick, it seems, to do the same for great service. I’ll never forget how grateful my doctor’s surgery was once to receive an email that said how wonderful the practice and all its staff are (which it is – and they are!), they commented how it made a change from the constant complaints and negativity they usually get. I genuinely sent the email and didn’t think anything else of it – it was such a throwaway action. To see how happy they were really made me think it mustn’t be done often enough. It’s so important to give credit where it’s due!

It’s always nice to get a compliment, and the best ones are the ones that come unexpectedly. Go and make somebody’s day!

See you next week!

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