The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: July #5

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What a week! There must be something in the air lately because I keep hearing of people stating that they’re in a funk they can’t seem to shake, and I, too, have just not felt good! That being said, I have found solace in reading, and have managed to grasp snippets of time here and there to read – mainly of an evening when I’ve been unable to sleep. I don’t know where this little grey cloud has come from but I’m struggling to keep up with things at the minute. If you’re that way inclined, you might tell me it’s something to do with the way the moon and stars aligning right now. I like that thought – I’m fascinated by the concepts of astrology so let’s go with that! Either way, I’m so ready for it to pass now.

Anyway, aside from moping, I’ve actually done a few other things this week and have some great recommendations for you!


The 24 Hour Cafe

I mentioned in last week’s post that I’d started reading this book and I finished it not long after. Libby Page is one of my favourite authors ever, she writes so eloquently and I was so excited to read her next book after loving The Lido so much. She has a talent for drawing you in as a reader and making you feel connected to the characters, and her books always leave me feeling emotional. I love the storylines she comes up with, and particularly liked the way this one was set out over the course of 24 hours in the cafe, and that it managed to successfully encapsulate so many different themes throughout. Her characters are relatable and I always find myself wanting to jump into the book and be their friend or just give them a hug!

Libby Page is my inspiration for when I write my own book. The great thing about her books is that they are digestible enough for anybody to read, but not too simple that they lack depth or substance. For me, she provides escapism and that’s exactly what I want to do for readers. I don’t want to publish a classic that will go down in history, just an easy-read that has the capacity to pull at the heartstrings and warm people up on a cold day. There is something so wonderful about a book that provides you with solace and a break from any issues you’re facing in life, and that’s what Libby’s books do for me, and in turn what I’d like to do for somebody else. I’m excited to read the rest of Libby’s books when they’re published. If you’ve never read anything by her, definitely check her out!



I don’t even know where to start with this show, other than saying it’s probably one of the best things I’ve seen in years, if not ever. The series does not make for easy viewing, it is harrowing and there were several times throughout where I bawled uncontrollably. But I think the creators have done a truly stellar job on this.

The series is set in an Australian immigration detention centre and is based around real-life events. It follows the lives of four people who are involved with the centre in some way and is a troubling but incredible watch. You will feel uncomfortable watching it, and there is a range of issues portrayed throughout the series such as mental health, asylum-seeking, family, suicide and death. It may be really difficult or triggering for some people to watch these themes, but the show adopts a really interesting approach and insight into the lives of people who are struggling in these ways. As I say, not a happy viewing, but a really interesting and important one for sure.

I don’t think the Netflix bio does a good job of enticing people in, but I really, really recommend this show. It did leave me feeling deflated, devastated and played on my mind for days after I finished watching it, but it was so powerful and well-produced and highlights such important, complex issues faced by so many fellow human beings across the globe. I (and maybe you reading this) am very lucky to have been born in the country I live in, and regardless of its flaws (and yes – I’m aware there are many!), I will count my blessings every day that I was born here and (hopefully) never have to fight or lose my life for my right to live safely.


Sea Sounds

I’ve been struggling to sleep lately, which is unlike me as I am one of those people who is knocked out cold the minute their head hits the pillow. Again, maybe it’s something to do with the movement of the moon and starts. Who knows?! But in order to try and focus solely on going to sleep, I’ve been playing a playlist of sea sounds that seem to do the trick each night! It’s so nice lying in bed and hearing the waves crashing, imagining that I’m on a beach. I adore being by the sea, it is so calming and quietening and really makes me feel a sense of peace. With our honeymoon being postponed to December and now likely cancelled altogether, it’s nice to at least imagine that I’ll see a beach this year!

Word of the Week


I read this word and wondered what the hell it was, and couldn’t make sense of it from the rest of the sentence. When I found the definition I realised that, of course, I already knew it, but not that it was spelt in this way. For anybody who doesn’t know or recognise the word, it is:

the responsibility or duty to do something

I had only ever heard it verbalised, and always assumed it was oweness. My bad! Maybe you didn’t know it either and have learnt something new today!

That’s all from me this week! Sending you lots of love and light wherever you are in the world, and I’ll see you next Wednesday (and I promise I’ll actually be on time next week!)


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