The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: July #3

Photo by Harry Brewer on Unsplash

I am LATE! This week is the first time in this entire series that I haven’t managed to post on time! Things have been feeling pretty chaotic this week and I’ve had my darling niece with me during the days whilst working from home. It’s been wonderful spending time with her, but it’s been full-on and obviously, I haven’t had a chance to write. Wednesday is the 5 Minute Coffee Corner day and I feel all out of sorts posting a day later. The good news though, is that we’re a day closer to Friday – and we all know how much I love Friday, woohoo!

So aside from playing daycare and trying to clear a whopping headache that I’ve had for the last two days (non-niece inflicted, by the way!), what have I been doing this week?


The Alchemist

Would you believe, I have finally finished this book. Now, call me controversial, but I just don’t think it lived up to the hype. There was a quote on the cover from somebody famous, Will Smith I think it was, about how this was one of his favourite books ever. I was really excited to read it, I love inspiring books about following dreams, but this one just didn’t wow me. It should have been obvious by the amount of time it took me to finish it, but I really wanted to enjoy it. I did take some quotes from the book that were food for the brain, but other than the odd contemplation about following dreams, I was pretty underwhelmed. I wonder if it’s just gone over my head a little? Maybe I’ll come back to it one day.


Dark Season 3

Dark is one of my favourite seasons ever made, if you’ve never seen it, I wholly recommend it. The version I watched on Netflix is dubbed in English, but I think there’s the German original knocking about somewhere online if you fancied having a go at that. Though if you don’t speak German, I’d give it a miss and just stick with the dubbed version, there’s enough going on in the storyline without trying to keep up with subtitles as well.

Dark is a sci-fi series involving time-travel, love, mystery, good vs evil, murder and pretty much every other topic you might think of. It reminds me of Lost a little in its complexity and creativity. I struggle to wrap my head around time travel, but I am always in awe of people who create shows like this – they must have the most incredibly creative minds. Dark lived up to all expectations, it’s definitely one that I’ll watch again in future. One thing I do regret was not watching seasons one and two again prior to starting the final. We didn’t bother because we’d already seen them a while back, but we definitely should have gone through it again as we forgot a lot, and the recap wasn’t great.

Also, for season three, I discovered an amazing website which helped me navigate the whole season. There are a lot of websites that appear if you google ‘Dark Season 3 Episode X Summary’ or something similar, but a lot of them are just as hard to follow as the show! I found a real lifeline in Ready Steady Cut. All of the recaps for this were written by Daniel Hart and honestly, I couldn’t have survived the final season without them. James laughed at me because every episode, I’d get prepared with my recap on my phone and follow along with it. Naturally, it contains huge spoilers if I read too much, but the way that it’s structured scene by scene, with an explanation of what time this scene is, who the characters are etc. made viewing so much easier. I loved that the structure was the same for every episode and I was super impressed by the recaps. I’ve literally used the website for every single episode this season! Definitely check it out if you plan to watch it!


Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac

I recently did something completely out of character. I blitzed through my savings and bought a car from a seller on Facebook marketplace. I know what you’re thinking – what?! Don’t panic, there wasn’t a huge amount of savings! But for reasons that I’ll expand on in due course, the time has come where having a car would really make my life a lot easier. When James lost his job some years back and we had a wedding amongst other things to pay for, we made the decision to sell my car and share his, on the basis that I use public transport to commute to work anyway, and we would just make it work. It’s been some years since we did that and for the last year or so, we’ve been thinking it might be nice to go back to having a little more freedom – especially with transporting the dog to daycare, vets etc. around busy work schedules.

It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best car I’ve ever had. It’s a bright green Renault Clio, and I absolutely adore it. I didn’t know a car could bring so much joy. Life has gotten that little bit easier with having a little runaround vehicle and not having to time life around who can have the car and when, and I love driving it. Anyway, I’ll get to the point of this little anecdote, I’m sure you’ve got things to do and places to be!

The girl who I bought the car from left a CD in the player, and with me being unable to figure out how to use the radio or the Bluetooth car kit that James installed (working with cars isn’t my strong suit) I was excited to see what the CD was and whether it was something I could listen to whilst driving about.

Could I listen to it?! It was none other than Fleetwood bloody Mac!!!!! Fleetwood Mac! I’ve hit the jackpot! A bright green car to complement my bright red hair, and a Fleetwood Mac CD to blast whilst I drive. I don’t actually know how to get the CD out of the player, so I don’t know what album it is – but it has all the classics on! I can tell you that track 5 is my beloved ‘Landslide’ (spoken about in a previous post here) and track 12 is ‘Gypsy’ so that’s what I’ve had on repeat driving around in my little green car for the last week. I’ve well and truly been loving life. Such a great singalong song!

So that’s it from me this week! I hope you’re having a lovely week and I’ll be back next Wednesday, right on time, for the next instalment of the 5 Minute Coffee Corner!

Oh – P.S. just in case you think I’m a thief, as soon as I can get the CD out of the player, I will, of course, post it back to the girl I bought it from!

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