The 5 Minute Coffee Corner: June #4

coffee week 4
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Happy Humpday everybody! What a week it’s been – there’s been a lot going on, but more on that soon! I’m writing this in the middle of a two day heatwave and I could not be happier at the return of the sun. I am absolutely destined for warmer climates, so the sunshine and warmth has definitely brightened my mood. However, the downside is that towards the end of last week I was bitten by something whilst I slept and it started tracking up my leg so I’ve had to go on a course of antibiotics. Penicillin makes me feel really ill, so I’m feeling very bloated, nauseous and generally unwell right now. Only a few more days until I’m off them though – yay!

We’ve finished turning the spare bedroom into a home office and I have to say, I am overjoyed with my new set up. I have space for all my notebooks, space to move around and I have a new chair! I have been really struggling with sitting on one of my kitchen chairs which isn’t comfortable at the best of times, but spending 12+ hours a day some days sat on it has left me in absolute agony with my back. My new chair has completely changed everything – it was expensive, but I quickly found that decent desk chairs are. I was apprehensive about it as it didn’t look too comfy on the image online, but the reviews said otherwise and it would go with the colour scheme (priorities!), so I took the risk. It paid off! I’m obviously not on commission for Argos, but if you’re working from home for even longer now and need a decent chair, I’d really recommend investing. You can find it here!

Right! What have I been doing this week?


The Alchemist

I mentioned this last week, and I’m still reading it. It’s going quite slowly which is usually a sign that I’m subconsciously not overkeen on the book. I’ve appreciated some of the quotes along the way about following your dreams, but the storyline just isn’t grabbing me. I won’t give up reading it though as I never do, so let’s hope I get a little more engaged with it this next week!


Sweet Magnolias

I mentioned this in last week’s post too, and I’m still watching it. I absolutely love this programme. I find myself smiling and feeling like a part of the friendship trio every time I watch it. If you need some light relief from lockdown troubles, I completely recommend this show!


We’ve been looking for something to watch since finishing Lost, and James told me he watched this series a little while ago and it was good, so he’d watch it again. It’s about a recovering alcoholic who lives in Venice Beach, and I was intrigued as I loved Venice Beach when we visited so I figured it could be a good watch. I’ve watched a few episodes and I’m getting a little more interested but I just don’t really get it. The main character, Chip, is a dick and I don’t really understand a lot of what’s going on for some reason. I keep having to pause it and clarify something with James! He tells me it really isn’t that confusing, but for some reason I’m just not connecting with it. I’ll keep at it though!


Lady Gaga – The Fame (album)

My Timehop showed me this week that on the same specific day 11 years ago, I uploaded a Facebook status with the cryptic message “cherry cherry boom boom”. I vaguely recall it being something to do with Lady Gaga, so I googled it to recall what song it was from, and whilst doing so I remembered a whole part of my young adult life that I’d forgotten about for a while! (If anybody is wondering what it means, I’ve since found that it’s the pseudonym of her producer Martin Kierszenbaum). I found myself reminisicing about how much I used to love this album when I was 19, and have been listening to it this week. It brings back good memories of going out partying every single night without a care in the world, and not taking 5 months to recover from a hangover. Great times!

What have you been up to? I’d love some film or TV series recommendations if you have anything! And if not, I’ll see you next Wednesday!

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