A Year of Mindfulness – 8 – First Steps

The Week of First Steps.

Photo by Dennys Lennon on Unsplash

This week’s challenge was actually quite a nice one – finally! The challenge was to focus and pay attention to my first steps outside from any place inside (like my home, office, the supermarket etc.). I was to notice the sensations, both physical (such as the wind on my face) and emotional (such as how where I was going made me feel), and observe any patterns and emotions. The idea was that it would make me more mindful of my journeys and activities and feel less like I’m on autopilot.

I actually got really excited to get stuck into this task. One of my favourite feelings ever is when I leave my hot yoga class and am immersed into the icy coldness of the rest of the studio. It’s honestly one of the most refreshing sensations to go from what’s essentially a sauna into such cold, and I was looking forward to focusing on other similar sensations that I maybe take for granted without realising.

However, since Tuesday, I have been the most ill that I’ve been for as long as I can remember. I’ve had a really bad bout of tonsillitis, which began on Monday evening with me feeling completely wiped out, and still, despite being prescribed 59,000 pills a day, hasn’t shifted almost a week later. There have been so many awful symptoms that have come with this infection, that I was off work from Tuesday – Friday and have been pretty much alternating between the couch and bed. As such, I’ve not had a whole lot of time going outside of the house to conduct this task.

Whilst I don’t really have much to report for this week, I did try. The first time out of the house to the doctors wasn’t really great as it was a bit of a blur and I just wanted to get back home again. I did make it out my house later in the week, when my gorgeous Mum who’d come to cook and care for me and clean my house (what a gem!) took me back to my family home in Liverpool for the weekend to be looked after some more. I focused on the rain on my skin and how the fresh air made a nice change from my house. Another day, after getting tired of being stuck indoors constantly, I took a walk to the beach, where it was so windy and cold that it took my breath away. I adore being by the sea, and always try to make time to go there when staying at my family home. Whilst it didn’t make me feel much less ill, the fresh air definitely did me good and I was grateful to have it.

So not all that much to report this week; two meagre attempts of focusing on first steps out of the house, which were basically the two times I’ve been outside. What a hermit!

I think I’ll keep this one in the bank and when I get another super dull one (which I think will be inevitable), I’ll swap it for this and have another crack at it.

See you next week when I’ll hopefully be back in full health!

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