A Year of Mindfulness – 7 – Posture

The Week of Posture

Photo by Sarah J. on Unsplash

This week’s challenge was about posture. The idea was that your posture and the more awareness you pay to it can have a positive effect on your mind. The task was to spend 5 minutes twice a day every day sitting on a chair with your back straight against the back of it and your feet flat on the floor. I was supposed to focus on the feeling of my sit-bones against the chair, and how it felt to connect with said chair whilst my feet connected with the floor.

How hard could that be?

Well for starters, I didn’t know what a sit-bone was, and secondly, my feet don’t touch the floor when I sit properly on a chair because I’m too small, so that was annoying. Furthermore, for reasons I can’t quite understand, whilst I was doing the task I was also expected to start patting and scratching my head, focusing on ‘the lingering sensation’ afterwards. Patting and scratching my own head – like a dog. It was all just a bit much, this one.

OK, confession time.

I didn’t do this task. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t even try. In case you can’t tell from my tone, I thought it was ridiculous and I became annoyed at yet another dull and dreary task, threw an internal strop and went on strike from the mindfulness challenge altogether. These last few tasks have just felt a bit boring and lacking in substance. Bring me more tasks like the week of kindness – that was the best, I just want a few that I find remotely interesting! Is that so much to ask?

Hopefully when I post about next week’s task, it will be a bit more fun and I’ll actually have done it! Fingers crossed!

See you next week!

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