The Key to Long Distance Friendships

Long distance friendship issues? I have just the solution for you.

I have found such joy lately in a discovery introduced to me by my best mate, that I just had to share. I don’t know whether the fact that this is the best discovery I have found in ages is indicative of my need for a life, the fact that I’m 29 going on 90, or just the fact that I am easily entertained, but I can honestly say that thanks to this discovery, my life has been completely enhanced and is absolutely wonderful right now.

I know you’re intrigued so I’ll just come out with it. WhatsApp voice notes.

Why on earth have I only discovered them in the last couple of months? I mean, I knew they existed from times where friends and I have all had a go at mimicking each others’ accents in a group together, but I’ve never used them seriously. They are the most hideously underrated tool of the 21st century. Unless I am just super late to the game in which case take this as further proof of me having the mentality of a 90 year old woman. But seriously – life changing!

Two of my best friends live in London and so WhatsApp is our communication tool of choice. It’s all well and good for small chat, but being completely honest, we can never be bothered to type mammoth updates and tend to just decide that what we absolutely had to share with our friends at one point actually just isn’t that important anymore. In our old age, the thumb cramps just aren’t worth the hassle. But if we don’t take the time to type, then things go amiss and we find ourselves not knowing what’s going on in each others’ lives. Then one of us will say something in passing and the other will question it, and you realise just how behind you are with the life updates.

And that’s where voice notes come in! They are revolutionary. You can tell your friends everything whilst walking to work, walking the dog or doing pretty much anything! I even found out lately that you don’t need to keep your thumb down on record anymore, you can slide upwards, which records continuously and makes life thousands of times easier, and definitely eradicates any ounce of said thumb cramps. Mind blown.

Now my days are filled with updates from my friends (which we’ve also skilfully labelled mini podcasts because that’s what they feel like!) and it is such a joy to listen to them whilst I’m going about my life. Hearing their voices and giggles, even when they feel they are rambling is so lovely, and once you get over the self-consciousness of delivering a monologue into your phone, it’s great. I get insights into their daily lives, I can update them on everything in mine and I get to laugh hysterically to myself walking to work and cause people to think I’m an absolute weirdo.

Long distance friendship problems solved!

You are welcome.

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