365 reasons to smile

The below blog post has been lifted from my old blog. Original posting date was 31st December 2014. It’s probably the one post I’m most proud of. Kudos if you make it the whole way through.
‘And we danced… and we cried… And we laughed… And had a really really really good time!’
So after I reached the end of 2013 and realised that I didn’t feel that my year had been anything overly amazing, even though I knew I had spent a year with good friends and family, and of course, James, I wanted to find a way that would enable me to both appreciate and document 2014 so that when I reached the end of the next year, I would be a lot more grateful and positive about what I had done/ achieved.  Little did I know just how thinking positively each day was going to change my outlook on life and consequently my life in general. All I wanted to do was note down one thing each day that made me happy/ smile/ laugh. The more I got into it, the more I realised how much more I seemed to be enjoying things this year.

The truth is is that not much has actually changed this year! OK, I got a new job – same as last year, I had more holidays and went to a few different gigs, but in reality I haven’t ticked off any of life’s so called achievements such as buy a house, get engaged, have a baby (though we did get the most beautiful puppy!), and yet I find myself more content than ever and thankful for the year just passed.
Under no circumstances am I saying that my year has been perfect; at times it has been extremely far from it. There have been plenty of days where I really struggled to think of a single happy thing and there were days that I struggled not to list many more. But as long as I could get one happy thing a day I would be satisfied. And now, here I am at the end of 2014, equipped with a completely different outlook and attitude that I genuinely believe has developed from me raising my own awarenessof the wonderful and lovely things and people that I have around me and the experiences I have had. If you are still reading this, well done, but I doubt you will want to sit through all of the below ‘365 reasons I am happy’. If you do, fair play and a huge thanks for your interest. I was unsure of whether I intended to share it but decided in favour of doing so. I like that it’s my final blog post of 2014. Maybe it could give you the inclination to try it out in 2015 if you so wish. It has become such an integral part of my life that I’m definitely going to continue in 2015. Below is a day- by – day account of what made me happy every day in 2014. If you are brave (or bored) enough to take it on – enjoy!
Reason 1: The way Julius and Gerry make up after racial arguing on Remember the Titans (watch it!!!)
Reason 3: Marcel the shell with shoes on – most adorable thing on YouTube!
Reason 4: Everton won against QPR 4-0. A man shouted to Joey Barton ‘Ey! Joey! You’re a f***ing bellend!!!’ Made me laugh cos Joey Barton just laughs it all off all the abuse he gets. I like him.
Reason 5: James’ face when I asked him ‘how old are you when you’re 13?’ Obviously meaning ‘what school year are you in when you’re 13’. Obviously.
Reason 6: Seeing Joanne and Grace for the first time after Christmas and getting 50% off food and strawberry daquiris at RevoluciΓ³n de Cuba.
Reason 7: A lad on the bus telling a story about how he got on the bus to college yesterday after getting up really early and didn’t even have to be in, so went home and got a bollocking from his mum for not going to college yet! The way he told it was funny!
Reason 8: Reminiscing about when I was 5 and had huge ears and my mum got my hair cut so short people thought I was a massive eared boy.
Reason 9: A nice boy let me on the bus first and off the bus first acting gentlemanly!
Reason 10: The way John thinks he can make Indian jokes because he’s half Indian. And this had me in stitches http://distractify.com/fun/fails/test-answers-that-are-totally-wrong-but-still-genius/
Reason 11: The fact that I took out Barcays Β£7 a month phone insurance and got breakdown cover free which I was totally disinterested in, and I used today when I locked my keys inside my car whilst mega hungover in a tracksuit at the tip!
Reason 12: My mum slept over at her job in a care home last night to look after a 100 year old woman whose room phone wasn’t working because she didn’t want her to be alone or scared.
Reason 13: Everyone has been so kind about my latest blog post: http://megsmithxox.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/does-this-sort-of-thing-happen-to.html
Reason 14: The lovely lollipop man in reddish is so friendly!
Reason 15: Mike’s story about how he proposed to his partner on stage at his birthday and how his partner had no idea- it was cute. And also this http://slightlyviral.com/beware-sugarless-gummy-bears-on-amazon-com/ I cried laughing!
Reason 16: This article made me happy because I HATE bees! Though I might know what’s happening to them… They infest my garden during summer and I stomp all over the little b******s. They should be more careful next time to choose a garden whose occupant doesn’t have a bee or wasp phobia. Awkward when I get caught on the tracker cam this year though !!
Reason 17: My mum grinding and twerking round the kitchen to ‘brimful of asha’ … Priceless!
Reason 18: Spending lovely girly time with my sister getting KFC (even though it made us both ill) and watching safe haven. Such a good book/film.
Reason 19: I saw a cute little fox up close in the street and I wanted to stroke it! Probably not the best idea…
Reason 20: I have amazingly supportive friends!
Reason 22: Boyfriend banter love it!!
Reason 23: Being inside all cosy and warm when it’s hailstones and stormy outside.
Reason 24: Listening to ‘teenage dream’ on the bus and thinking about mine and James’ first year together when I was living in Spain.
Reason 25: Isabel showing me her photos on her leap pad camera thing and making me howl by saying ‘oh that’s a picture of me standing in front of the telly getting square eyes!’
Reason 26: Had a lovely productive and then chilled Sunday, culminating in a dominos courtesy of James! YUM!
Reason 27: Spending girly time catching up with Eleri! Good friends always make you feel good! πŸ™‚
Reason 28: Mum figured out how to use email and sent me a cute email in work!
Reason 29: Kaz sent me a detailed email about her plans and trip to NZ and it made me happy to see everything she was getting up to and she is always truly happy every time I talk to her!
Reason 30: Some of the things on here made me tear up. Especially where the guy is planning to come out to his Dad. http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/the-world-isnt-such-a-bad-place?s=mobile
Reason 31: The parklife lineup is AMAZING!
Reason 32: Seeing my besties Gracey and Jo and having a night out with visiting Jose and Jose! Friend time= the best time!!
Reason 33: Spent a wonderful day in Liverpool with Jose and Jose and went to a great unexpected gig in the cavern with an amazing band! Brilliant!
Reason 34: James Corser’s dog Molly going down a slide. Hilarious!
Reason 35: Received a really complimentary comment about my blog πŸ™‚
Reason 36: My clothes that I didn’t expect to sell on eBay have sold and made me some well needed cash πŸ™‚
Reason 37: Found Β£2 on the floor!!! Yay!
Reason 38: All of my colleagues were so lovely with me leaving and I received so many lovely messages and emails! Gave me a massive head!
Reason 39: Had an amazing chill out day nursing my hangover and watching cloud atlas! Happy day sometimes you need to spend a day doing nothing!
Reason 40: Rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar went really well and I’m even more excited for it now!
Reason 41: An amazing first day in my new job with a lovely friendly welcoming team!
Reason 42: I donated a couple of quid to help a man get home from Tenerife after he’s ended up on a life support machine in hospital. The insurance company won’t cover the cost of getting him and the machine on the plane and hundreds of like minded people have donated to get him home to his wife and two kids. It’s lovely to see people pull together and help someone when the government or insurance company won’t!
Reason 43: We got let out of work early because of the bad weather!! I love this job already!
Reason 44: A great rehearsal for Jesus Christ Superstar.
Reason 46: Went for a meal with Jo and Grace before Jo moves to London this week. Followed by a visit to an unexpected visit to an art gallery and tea and cake because we’re classy like that HA!
Reason 47: A lovely family gathering to celebrate the engagement and looking at baby photos of James! Cute!!! Also the fact that I text James in my sleep ‘PS babe lan’s having eating conference tmro xxx’ that’s a new level for me sleep texting about my new boss who doesn’t have an eating conference tomorrow!
Reason 48: I saw a photo of a couple on holiday and a squirrel gegging in right at the front. Funny.
Reason 49: James is cooking tea and it couldn’t be more welcomed after a tiring day at work πŸ™‚ good boyfriend!!
Reason 50: The amazingly cute not real creature off the February Jaffa Cake advert.
Reason 51: These really rough/scary looking lads were at the bus stop and as I got on my bus they were waiting for another. The bus was about to drive away and one of them stood in the doorway. When I looked back I saw out the window an elderly woman was running for this bus and the guy got back off; he was keeping the bus for her. So lovely and again shows you shouldn’t prejudge people.
Reason 52: Catching up with old friends I’ve not seen for a while! πŸ™‚ Fran and Louise from Philip James Kennedy
Reason 53: Here comes Honey BooBoo has a new season out and I didn’t know meaning I’ve got 5 episodes to watch in one go!
Reason 54: A really good work out and the dances are coming together for Jesus Christ Superstar!
Reason 55: ‘Fading like a flower’ came on my iPod (I’m not even ashamed I have it) and timewarped me back to 2006, the age of 16 and era of first real drinking at house parties !!! The good old days haha!
Reason 56: Beyonce is a goddess and her concert was incredible. Also loved a guy before it who was dancing and joking around and ended up getting the whole of the MEN going and cheering for him etc. Was excellent.
Reason 57: I’m really enjoying my book!
Reason 58: I got my Parklife ticket!!!! Woohooooo!!!!
Reason 59: FINALLY getting home and sitting down catching up on TV shows after an extremely long and busy week! Relaaaaax!
Reason 60: My ‘timehop’ from 3 years ago today is ‘el corte ingles have answered my prayers and started to sell cordial! Today is a great day’ made me smile at the memory of never having cordial to drink for the entire year abroad, only when I brought it from home or the world culture week where el corte ingles sold juice!!! Otherwise it was pure orange/water/ thousands of gallons of coke!
Reason 61: I had an amazing day and night yesterday with Conal and Co at BBC radio 6 festival in the Victoria Warehouse, and finally saw The National again who were amazing!!!
Reason 62: It’s that time of the year again for the stranglers gig with Daddy! Half day from work and going home to spend the afternoon with my mum before going! Love family time!
Reason 64: Being part of a PA network and having a girly afternoon spent with other MMU PAs followed by a nice tea out with Jamesy at Chiquitos!
Reason 65: I saw a little old man walking home with a bunch of flowers and liked to think they were for his wife.
Reason 66: I got on a different bus to usual that goes through neighbourhoods and all the older gentlemen on it greet each other with good morning when they get on despite not knowing each other and sitting apart!
Reason 67: got goosebumps watching Les Miserables – the more recent version! I adore Russell Crowe!
Reason 68: Booked a nice hotel for Jose’s wedding in Seville in July, it’s amazing what treating yourself to a bit of luxury every once in a while can do!
Reason 69: I saw a guy come out of subway and give a foot long sub to a homeless guy outside! Amazing!
Reason 70: A news article about a woman who was missing off a coach trip and ended up in the search party looking for herself!!!!!! Defo something my mum would do!
Reason 71: A woman legging it down the street in her PJs and slippers with a bag in her hand that her young son had clearly forgotten on his way to school. She ran all the way to the bus stop to take it back to him! Also a man in the supermarket was asking the woman who worked there where the lime milk was… She asked a colleague and it seemed to have a lot of people baffled until one of them looked at the shopping list he was carrying written by his wife and it said 1 LITRE milk hahahaha!!!!
Reason 72: The woman on the bus who asked me before opening the window whether I minded her doing so. Courtesy/ manners cost nothing.
Reason 73: A text message off one of my lovely Spanish friends asking ‘como esta la inglesa mas simpatica de toda Inglaterra’ meaning ‘ how is the most friendly girl in the whole of England?’ Awww πŸ™‚
Reason 74: A sevilla friends reunion and all we’ve done for the past 12 hours is LAUGH!!!!
Reason 75: Watching ‘Astronauts: living in space’ and the astronauts received a package of food from earth and they were overjoyed to eat normal food; I’ll defo think of them next time I moan about something rubbish for tea!!
Reason 76: Treating ourselves to a cheeky Chinese takeaway, ON A WEEKNIGHT!!!
Reason 77: After over a month of faffing around trying to send something on eBay to Czech republic and it being returned 3 weeks later to me, I finally managed to send it (albeit now spending more in postage than I sold the item for) but still it finally sent and there’s a happy girl somewhere in Czech republic!
Reason 78: Got home from work to find a thank you card from Kimmy to say thanks for hosting them at the weekend!
Reason 79:  I was late and the bus driver left the bus stop and then noticed me almost there and stopped and said to me ‘comeeee onnnn slowcoach!!!’ As I got on. Made me laugh and I was very grateful as I would have been seriously late for work!
Reason 80: I drove to work and spent forever trying to park my car when this builder was laughing and offered to do it for me as I was clearly having trouble! Sooooo nice on a Friday morning !!
Reason 81: A 3 hour catch up with Nana and Gaga after not seeing them since Christmas followed by a lovely meal with Mum and Dad!
Reason 82: First run down Reddish vale since last August as it was a nice spring day!
Reason 83: Went to a Bokwa class at the gym did a bit of exercise πŸ™‚
Reason 84: The bus driver dropped me by my house even though he’d finished on his route and then stopped the bus a bit further away from the bus stop to stop me getting off the bus and stepping in a massive puddle! Kinddddd driver!!
Reason 85: I love my job!
Reason 86: It’s very nearly Friday!
Reason 87: Jo is visiting from London and we’re having a girly night!!
Reason 88: Really let off steam after a stressful week, dancing for Gracey’s birthday and staying out till 5.30am !! Sometimes you need to go wild!!!
Reason 89: A lovely family day- cocktails in the hilton and meal in albert’s shed followed by another great night for Jamesy’s birthday!!
Reason 90: Looking at wedding dresses with Rachel for her wedding!! YAAAAAY!!!
Reason 91: A lovely meal out for tea for James’ birthday!
Reason 92: Lunchtime out in the sun with work colleagues in the little park in front of work!
Reason 93: BED….. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! BEST. FEELING. EVER
Reason 94: A blind man walking down the street singing he looked so happy and his dog was cute!
Reason 95: A catch up with old work colleagues from the languages department! Lovely to see them!
Reason 96: Finally, a lie in and a day to finally relax after being overtired for a week because of last weekend’s partying and the fact that getting old means you can’t drink like a pro anymore!
Reason 97: An excellent rehearsal two weeks away from the show! It’s fantastic seeing it coming together!
Reason 98: A good night of TV- sometimes you just need to chill! Caught up on ‘revenge’ and ‘made in chelsea ‘ started again!
Reason 99: I got on the bus on the way home and only free seat was next to a little old man who I see all the the time and he seems so lovely, the bus was full of chavs and a drunk mouthy guy and the pair of us sat shaking our heads in unison at everything going on. Defo related in a past life πŸ˜‰
Reason 100: One of those days where I realise just how much I love my boyfriend!
Reason 101: My Jesus Christ superstar hoody with my name on arrived.
Reason 102: Someone gave me a free coffee to start the day πŸ™‚ kind!!
Reason 103: A lovely chill day catching up on the walking dead with James.
Reason 104: a beautiful view with the sun shining over the hills of Mossley! Beautiful scenery!
Reason 105: The feeling of getting really into a box set (in this case the walking dead!)
Reason 106: It’s a lovely warm sunny day
Reason 107: I got on the bus where the men always say good morning to each other and one said it to me as I got on. Thought it was lovely because I’m absolutely NOT a morning person and he still made conversation even though I must look frightful!
Reason 108: A bank holiday Friday off work!!
Reason 109: Had a lovely BBQ at Georgina’s and spent the evening with great company I love spending time with Holty’s friends!
Reason 110: Band call for Jesus Christ superstar gave me goosebumps as it was first time performing with a big live band – AMAZING!
Reason 111: Performing to a full house on our opening night
Reason 112: We are now going to be performing to a full house every single show!!!! SOLD OUT!!!
Reason 113: The feeling of going to bed when feeling this exhausted – should have taken the week off work whilst doing shows every night!
Reason 114: After Jesus Christ superstar tonight we sat and chatted about being a girl and loving who you are and it was so refreshing to be around girls so comfortable with themselves and who they are. I took my make up off whilst sat chatting as it was getting late and would be one less chore to do when home but I must have felt comfortable as I’d never usually take makeup off in public. Really lovely time spent with really lovely girls! Really refreshing to meet such genuine people!
Reason 115: I’ve got that Friday feeling!
Reason 116: Our final performances of JCS got incredible reviews and comments from audience , a common recurring comment was that it was so special and way beyond amateur dramatics. It has been a pleasure to do this this week and I’m so proud to have been part of this amazing thing! Truly special!
Reason 117: I love sunny days and evenings where I can hang my washing out on the line to dry!
Reason 119: Went to my desk at work and found a chocolate cake bar with a smiley face on a post it note on it! πŸ™‚
Reason 120: It was raining and a young girl was visiting MMU with her mum and when they went out into the rain they didn’t have a brolly and the girl held her bag and all that she had over her mum’s head so her mum didn’t get wet! Cuuuuute!
Reason 121: Love going for drinks with work people and then more drinks catching up with Amy!
Reason 122: I am so excited to sit tonight and catch up on programmes on TV!
Reason 123: We got recognised on a night out someone shouted ‘hey you’re the Jesus Christ superstar girls from Mossley!!!!’
Reason 124: Treated myself to a pair of juju jelly shoes for summer yay!! Much to Amy’s dismay!
Reason 125: Went home to Liverpool and had a lovely long bath as I don’t have one in Manchester, only a shower, and was so lovely chilling and reading!
Reason 126: My mum made my lunch to bring back to manc with me and also sent me a spag bol back for my tea and both were delicious! Best mummy ever!
Reason 127: The bus driver let me on even though I couldn’t find my bus pass and he didn’t know whether I was lying or not. Then I found it but it was nice to be trusted as usually they’re harsh! Also James came home with a present for me which was a ‘knit your own dog kit’ !!! Guess I’m not getting a real dog anytime soon!
Reason 128: I’VE HIT MY TARGET OF RAISING Β£100 FOR GUIDE DOGS!! I gave up alcohol and coke and am running the Manchester 10K next weekend !!!
Reason 129: Had fun doing a rounders taster session after work.
Reason 130: I love quality time with my boyfriend.
Reason 131: Went on a lovely run in heaton park with Gracey to prepare for the 10k next weekend!
Reason 132: I got compression socks to help with my painful shin splints and now I’m excited for the weekend!!!
Reason 133: Alecia came to visit with free theatre tickets to see ‘the last days of troy’ and we had a lovely night went for tea and caught up beforehand. Also RICKY GERVAIS replied to my tweet about how good Derek was by saying ‘cheers’… Life= made!!!!
Reason 134: A phone call off mum dad and Ella in Egypt to start my morning, my crisps in the vending machine got stuck and then released two bags for price of one,  I did my fastest 5k run in 30min and 40 seconds, and came home afterwards to James cooked my tea, lying in bed listening to music whilst watching the moon come up and it’s huge and bright orange!
Reason 135: I’ve beat my target for guide dogs and am close to Β£200!
Reason 136: Absolutely LOVE the TV show ‘Derek’ it’s so heartwarming and hilarious at the same time!
Reason 137: We had a lovely BBQ in the garden as the weather was nice! Jen came to Manc for the race! Fun day with fun people I love summer !!!
Reason 138: I ran the Manchester 10K in 1 hour 2 minutes in sweltering heat, didn’t stop once and raised over Β£200 for guide dogs πŸ™‚
Reason 139: A sunny hot day off work, BBQ for tea in the garden πŸ™‚
Reason 140: I looked out at my lovely garden and just felt happy.
Reason 141: I love my boss he’s fantastic! (Never thought I’d say that).
Reason 142: A programme on TV about timetravel was really interesting
Reason 143: Going out tonight with James, James Corser, Kiel and George – nights with this lot are always great πŸ™‚
Reason 144: I’ve got a wonderful (excuse the soppy) boyfriend who takes care of me like a pro!!!
Reason 145: A lovely roast dinner cooked by mummy and a lovely afternoon with my family and nana and Gagsy!
Reason 146: I dyed my hair and feel fresh again (for a little while ha).
Reason 147: I enjoyed bus home from work listening to music and the sky tonight has been fantastic with all the colours.
Reason 148: I got an email in work from mum saying ‘mumi lush (love) you sooooooo much’ – despite the baby talk I could imagine her saying it and it brightened my day.
Reason 149:  Sally left an orange with a smily face as a gift on my desk! Cute!
Reason 150: A well deserved girly drink after work on payday.
Reason 151: Ella came to Manc and we went shopping, for a Nando’s and then had standing tickets to one direction!!!!!
Reason 152: Me and ella spent the afternoon in Reddish Vale in the sun, walking and stroked horses – it was lovely! Then we went to Albert’s in didsbury with James Mum Dad Bev Graham Gaz and Lou and had a gorgeous meal and wine!!!
Reason 153: A video of a group of men on a yacht freeing a whale from being entangled in a plastic netting.
Reason 154: I just feel happy today.
Reason 155: I have the most lovely work colleagues.
Reason 156: I’m really lucky to have such amazing friends and family around me.
Reason 157: Jen has arrived and it’s parklife tomorrow!
Reason 158: PARKLIFE!!!! Day drinking, dancing and live music ! What could be better?!
Reason 159: Finally got to see Bastille and they were FANTASTIC!
Reason 160: A day off work to recover from parklife!
Reason 161: I have discovered David Thorne and his amazingness!!!! http://www.27bslash6.com/interviews.html
Reason 162: The man on the bus of a morning was also on my bus on the way home and he went out his way to give me a look as if to say isn’t it weird we’re on the same bus home together now as well!!
Reason 163: OMG JAMES’ PASSPORT ARRIVED after two weeks of stress and trying to make alternative plans, so we ARE going to Poland on Sunday!!! Also, student loan company refunded my Β£115 which was taken due to my work messing up my pay! I never expected to get it back!!!
Reason 164: I’m still walking on air with yesterday’s news.
Reason 165: Had a really fun unplanned night last night, went to the pub for a quiet one and ended up in a club in town with Amy I’d never been to – was a great night! I love unplanned nights!
Reason 166: Arrived in Poland and spent the afternoon having drinks in the main square with a live concert and yummy polish food! I love Krakow !!!!!!
Reason 167: Today we went to Auschwitz and Auschwitz Birkenau. The only happy thing I can take out of it was the story of Father Maksymilian Kolbe who opted to go to the starvation cell in block 11 in place of a fellow prisoner who had a wife and children. He went in his place, eventually died there, and the prisoner whom he replaced went on to live on after the liberation of the camp and had a large family and descendants. It shows the kindest humanity among a place devoid of humanity.
Reason 168: Had a lovely final full day in Poland exploring the castle and chilling out. Wonderful. I especially love the clock in the main square that chimes every hour and the man who comes out and plays a tune on the trumpet and waves to everyone!!! And the cheap alcohol!
Reason 169: Was lovely to reflect on our hol and spend quality time together for a few days.  And great to see my family and tell them all about Krakow!
Reason 170: A last minute day off work just relaxing and reading in bed till late morning!
Reason 171: ROAAAAD TRIP with Sammy to Bristol!
Reason 172: Seeing Katie again after 2 yrs-  the last time I saw her was graduation! Also spent a lovely day out and visited Clifton suspension bridge with the gang! Lovely!
Reason 173: Road trip home from Bristol with Kim and Sam and finally got to see the fault in our stars with James James and Kiel and Kiel sobbed as he is so emotional!! Haha!!
Reason 174: Gross one but after 8 year of being scared and putting it off, I’ve FINALLY had my ingrown toenail removed! The prospect of wearing shoes without issues like a normal person is so exciting!
Reason 175: I have such a caring family they looked after me yday and have been ringing all day to check I’m OK- I’m absolutely fine!
Reason 176: Really good day at work- first 2015 open day, exhausting but great advising potential students and sharing my uni experience!
Reason 177: I’ve found an outfit for Jose’s wedding next week and can finally relax ! My boss replied to one of my emails with ‘hope your first week back has been toeriffic – sorry bad joke’ because of my toe op… I LOVE IT!!!!
Reason 178: Going home for a longish weekend ! Straight after work on Friday and coming back Monday morning straight to work – meaning I can have longer with family yayayay!!!
Reaaon 179: Jessy has bought her first house and is moving in this weekend !!! So proud of her!
Reason 180: Went for tea with my family and even though the bar guy asked me for ID and made me trek back across the pub for it (it was a big pub) he was still friendly and had a laugh with us.
Reason 181: Listening to music that reminds me of happy memories!
Reason 182: Spent some time reading to chill out after work, was lovely to relax.
Reason 183: Worked an open day at MMU Cheshire and it was sooooo nice. Never been to that campus before and it’s so green and relaxing I love helping students decide to come to us!
Reason 184: IT’S TIME FOR SEVILLAAAAAA!!! Too many happy things today, arrived in Malaga to beautiful weather, got a posh coach to Seville had a large reclining seat on my own, and just sat back and listened to music and relaxed was amazing. Followed by a beautiful immaculate hotel and relax in the sun by the pool, followed by a lovely dinner out and a night out in my fave club! Love Spanish life!!!
Reason 185: Today is the wedding of my lovely friend Jose and his beautiful fiancee Isa!!! And was so lovely to see my friend Merche and  catch up despite my massive hangover, as it’s been so long – years!!
Reason 186: Last night the wedding was out of this world!!! I met some random friendly Spanish people in the hotel with whom I ended up friends as they too were going to the wedding. We arrived at the most beautiful location imaginable for a wedding, meeting so many welcoming happy Spanish people, speaking none stop Spanish and being complimented for my level of Spanish! Watched my beautiful friends tie the knot, the variety of food and tapas that followed was AMAZING, then we had the formal meal where I was placed on a table sort of half knowing one person Mari, and leaving friends with all! I had such a fun time because the people on my table were wild and hilarious,   and afterwards I got up on stage with the wedding band and all the other girls and the band and all the men sang to us the Spanish rock song ‘las chicas son guerreras’ meaning ‘girls are warriors’ whilst we danced! Then there was a power cut meaning I was treated to an impromptu couples’ ‘sevillano’ (type of Flamenco dance), and decided I was going to catch the very last bus away from the wedding at 7am instead of 4am and go straight to the airport instead of having a few hours sleep, despite having been out all night AND travelling to London going to a festival that same day! And every single part of it was worth it!!!!!!!!
Reason 187: I FINALLY got to see the Libertines and spent an amazing day with amazing people – same again today have not stopped laughing the whole time!!
Reason 188: I definitely needed this day off to recuperate from the weekend!!!!
Reason 189: No more annual leave for a while after a crazy June/ July meaning I can really get cracking and do a good job organising confirmation and clearing !!
Reason 190: Staff awards at work, lovely to see colleagues being rewarded for hard work and lovely to catch up with colleagues from my last department!! A really nice event all round!
Reason 191: The weather is nice and sunny and made me smile.
Reason 192: Conal rang me and said he’s booking a last minute flight to Manchester tonight so going out with him!!! Also, Georgina asked us to DOGSIT! YAY!!!
Reason 193: Took the dog Billy down Reddish Vale for a walk and had a lovely time, everyone talks to you when you have a dog! And it was a lovely day I’m lucky to live so close to the vale!
Reason 194: Listening to Jubel by Klingande made me smile and think back to my hol in Seville!
Reason 195: I’m staying at Graces for a week whilst scott is away YAYYY GIRL TIME!
Reason 196: We sat on the shared terrace area in Graces apartment block and found that a little girl kept coming over to us and get our attention. After 20 minutes of us trying to talk to her/ ask if she wants to play ball/ asking her is she putting yet another packet of crisps in the bin next to us / complimenting her on her outfit and receiving a simple blank face in return, we realised she mustn’t be able to talk yet despite looking like she was 3 or 4. Two minutes later another child comes out walks past her and says ‘oh hi Joy’ to which the mute child replied with a huge enthusiastic grin ‘ hi Mollie!!!’ …. We were gobsmacked and when she turned back to us she pulled the same blank face and that was the last we heard of her!! Crazy child!
Reason 197: I am absolutely LOVING orange is the new black series on Netflix. And I had a bath. Winning.
Reason 198: I cooked Corned beef hash for Grace and she loved it πŸ™‚
Reason 199: Girls night out with Grace, Katie and Jodie Yay!!!!!
Reason 200: I’ve been to a charity night organised by Georgina and had a ball, but more importantly I am so happy that James has such good friends I absolutely love them! Jade Kiel James and Georgina like they are my own friends (which now in a sense they are).
Reason 201: Had a lovely BBQ with James’ family in the garden as Danny is home from Australia.
Reason 202: The air smells so nice walking to work like a really nice type of flower and it’s freshened my morning ha!
Reason 203: I really love my boyfriend and love spending time with him.
Reason 204: The nice Reddish lollipop man told me I look nice and summery today and that I look twenty again…didn’t want to be rude and say I am only 23 but it was still nice of him to say! I then proceeded to have a load of compliments on my dress despite only wearing it cos I couldn’t find anything else AND it was given to me second hand!!! Love it!
Reason 205: Had a real laugh in work as come out with something silly and told not to worry because it makes me endearing! Awwww endearing what a nice word! And now having a BBQ with James and his friends yay!!!
Reason 206: Listening to jubel by Klingarde and thinking back to my trip to Sevilla at the start of the month, then thinking of how much my year abroad changed me as a person and I love how it changed me !! Also after writing this just seen an elderly man helping a more frail elderly man into a taxi, holding the door open and holding him up and helping him in, it was lovely to see!
Reason 207: A surprise 30th birthday party for James’ cousin Danny (whose birthday is in December but had it in July before he returns to Australia) he was genuinely overwhelmed and happy was lovely to see!
Reason 208: Isabel can ride a bike without stabilisers I almost cried at the video (hangover emotional).
Reason 209: Listening to The Beautiful South and remembering my childhood
Reason 210: I am really enjoying my book the weight of silence by Heather Gudenkauf.
Reason 211: Jamesy got me insured on his car whilst he’s on holiday YAY FREEDOM AGAIN – mine has been off the road for over a month!!!!
Reason 212: Went to a beautiful wedding of James’ mate Danny and Liz, was lucky enough to be part of their beautiful do and watch their first dance. I love seeing happy people and happy times!
Reason 213: Alix came back from Australia and waa so lovely to see her! We went to town had a lovely girly night and danced on the tables and chairs in Mojo’s! So much fun!!!!
Reason 214: Had a beautiful meal at the Lemon Tree just round the corner from my house for an early bday meal, and realised (I already knew) that I have the most lovely and kind set of parents. I’m extremely lucky. James is coming with us to NYC for my Dad’s 50th in October!
Reason 215: Went the match with Daddy and it was the loudest singing I had heard in a while! Got goosebumps as I always do, I love going!
Reason 216: Was in a really sad mood cos I am overtired and going back to Manc after a lovely weekend at home, and walking to train station and it’s sunny and the sound of seagulls makes me feel like I’m on hol! Very different to my usual commute, and then met a woman who was on the way to Manchester uni for her first day at work and she was all nervous but it was lovely to chat to her.
Reason 217: Found a 5er on the floor AMAZING!!!! πŸ™‚ and had a real laugh with work friends to the point where I couldn’t breathe for laughing!
Reason 218: Went for tea and cake at Richmond Tea Rooms with some lovely MMU work friends Sophie Paul and Grace!
Reason 219: Colleagues who are on maternity leave brought their babies into the office and the atmosphere automatically changed. Babies are so lovely and they brighten everyone’s day!!!
Reason 220: I have supportive work colleagues!
Reason 221: I had to work today on a Saturday and I had a really productive day and got loads of important things done for the university clearing period. The catering I organised for staff went down a treat and I feel like I really accomplished something!
Reason 222: I slept 13 hours last night and feel so refreshed after a really mental few weeks at work.
Reason 223: I bought a bag and some other things from primark and the cashier said my total was Β£17 which seemed low. I knew he mustn’t have scanned something so I told him it can’t be right… He realised he hadnt scanned a Β£12 bag and was so grateful and relieved that I’d told him because he was a supervisor and would have gotten in so much trouble. Although I was kicking myself for pointing it out, he was so grateful and it reminded me of a time when I worked at nandos and someone made me realise I had undercharged them too. I was glad to be able to do it to someone else even if it did mean I could have gotten away with a free bag.
Reason 224: I finally crossed off some jobs in work that I’ve been working on for months and it feels like such a relief !!!
Reason 225: Worked a late night at work and my boss bought us all an Indian takeaway which was nice!
Reason 226: James came home from his holiday YAYYYY I’ve missed him more than anything these past 2 weeks!!
Reason 227: It’s my birthday tomorrow and Mum, Dad and Ella came to Manc so we went for a lovely birthday tea! They got me my fave perfume and some flowers awwww!
Reason 228: I had the best birthday party EVER!!!! Feel so lucky to have such amazing friends around me I know it’s soppy but they all made my birthday absolutely perfect !!! People travelled from all over the place to come and I felt so lucky!!!
Reason 229: I laughed a lot at the inbetweeners 2!!!
Reason 230: Chill time and an early night with James loooove quality time together!
Reason 231: My boyfriend is a little gentleman I like hearing random stories from his friends about when he was younger he’s always been lovely!
Reason 232: I can’t believe I am saying this but I am… OMG James came home with a PUPPY!!!!! A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reason 233: I am still absolutely IN TOTAL SHOCK and overjoyed that James came home and surprised me with a puppy last night and can’t wait to finish work to see her!!!
Reason 234: After much deliberation we finally chose a name for baby puppy… RILEY!!
Reason 235: Riley was sooooo good having her injections I just adore her!
Reason 236: I’m going to Bruges next weekend with my family!!!! Jamesy is looking after the dog!
Reason 237: A well deserved shopping trip as I know I’m getting overtime paid this week for all the extra work during confirmation and clearing and wanted to treat myself. I like knowing I’ve worked hard and can reward myself!
Reason 238: I got a payrise at work and this month is a bigger pay cos of overtime going in… Things are gonna be easier month by month from now on!! I’m going to have a lot of money saved for New York and still be able to live comfortably (hopefully I’ll be responsible!!!)
Reason 239: A guy stopped me in tesco this morning and told me I had really beautiful eyes which was nice even though he was a bit of a creep asking for my number but I felt I looked rough so was nice!!
Reason 240: Today I am all excited to be going to Bruges this weekend!
Reason 241: A video online of people clearly in the US army walking through an airport and one person starts clapping then everyone starts clapping and the whole airport erupts in clapping and it was so touching to see!
Reason 242: Bruges was lovely and had a gorgeous Flemish stew for tea!
Reason 243: I went to Brussels today and it was a fantastic amazing city! Me my mum and Ella walked through an underground tram station and there was artwork on all the walls and as we walked past we copied what the people were doing in the artwork! We looked like losers but it was so much fun!
Reason 244: A video that was shared online of a scouse lad in a tracksuit looking like an ordinary lad who sat on a piano in L1 and played the most perfect version of ‘river flows in you’ by Martin Jacoby and it’s such a beautiful piece of music!
Reason 245: Riley my little baby I just adore her!
Reason 246: The bus driver stopped for ages despite no one getting on and when I looked up from my book to see why we had stopped I saw a girl walk quickly to the entrance of the bus. Turns out she had heels on and had rushed to get there and thanks to the driver waiting she made it!!
Reason 247: Last week I saw a girl cycling past me in the bus lane and a guy on a moped going slow behind her as though trying to get her attention and thought what a creep! But saw them again today and actually they look as though they’re a couple and it’s really sweet that he goes so slow to not outride her as he is on a much faster vehicle !! Cute!
Reason 248: A colleague at work Alison said she was sat close to me (but I couldn’t see her) during a meeting to arrange confirmation and clearing arrangements and said she heard my discussion and I sounded extremely well organised and professional – nice compliment!
Reason 249: James’ mum and dad dogsat for us which meant that I didn’t have to worry about getting up with her hungover and look after her dead early! Such a help!
Reason 250: I’ve had a great weekend with friends went out Friday night for Georginas birthday, hangover nandos then spent the afternoon with Amy and she met the dog, and today spent the afternoon with James’ friends and took Riley to see Molly James Corser’s dog! Lovely weekend!
Reason 251: Breakfast for tea!!!
Reason 252: Went to bed and the moon was right outside our window shining in and I like it when it’s like that and you can lie in bed and look at it!
Reason 253: Videos of Peter Kay – never gets old he is so funny!
Reason 254: A man met his wife/ girlfriend from work and brought their little baby (who was old enough to be aware of surroundings etc) and surprised his wife/ gf so when she walked out she was so overjoyed and her daughter was too it was so cute!!!
Reason 255: Manchester dogs home burnt down last night by some little scally thug and Manchester and of course other cities have come together and at the moment as it stands raised over Β£200,000 for them. People are donating (including myself) Β£10, Β£20 even Β£100 and it’s so lovely to see something good come out of something so utterly abhorrent. The total then reached over 1.3 million pounds.
Reason 256: James’ mum minded the dog last night and I got a well needed lie in!! And then she came back and it was lovely to have her back!!!
Reason 257: Made a beef stew for the first time and it was absolutely lovely!!
Reason 258: My first glossybox arrived YAY and is full of lovely beauty things.
Reason 259: Riley didn’t wet her crate last night AND this video of Tim Minchin giving a graduation speech https://m.Facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=821721697859395&I’d=100000647162345
Reason 260: I’ve found a few books I want to read and added them to my wish list!
Reason 261: A video of army people coming back and greeting their loved ones
Reason 262: It’s Friday and I am so happy after a stressful week.
Reason 263: I have the most caring amazing family ever.
Reason 264: I have discovered the dog whisperer !!!!!
Reason 265: A young lad was really polite and let me on and off the bus first which was nice to see manners and gentlemanliness.
Reason 266: There was a body found in a burning skip last week outside the Manchester apolo which is tragic, and nobody knew who it was and people have still laid flowers down out of respect.
Reason 267: Listening to the courteeners and the fact that they never get old!!
Reason 268: Finally feeling back to my self after a really bad week.
Reason 269: Looking at my time hop from 2 years ago a weekend with friends all made in Seville and 4 years ago actually being in Seville and smiling at some of the great memories I have.
Reason 270: We are able to take Riley out FINALLY for walks and she is like a different dog!! She’s so happy to be out walking which in turn makes her really good for us as she’s sleepy and well behaved! And the training feels like it’s finally sinking in!
Reason 271: A lovely lovely day at home with my family, mum cooked a roast, we took Riley to the beach and everyone was fussing her then Nan and Gags came round and it was so lovely to see them! Nana is so lovely and still always gives me money everytime she sees me even though she can’t afford it and she brought little biscuits for the dog! She’s so thoughtful! Gaga is so inspiring we spoke about things and he gave me advice to take the pleasures in life and make the most of them and make time for them and I realised that I have certain qualities that I must get from him and this makes me so lucky and happy!
Reason 272: Messages from Kaz and the thought of finally seeing her again in December after over a year!!!! Sososososo excited!!
Reason 273: I saw a young lad offer to help a girl carry a load of bags she had off the bus for her.
Reason 274: Riley’s behaviour/ puppyess is starting to get ever so slightly better.
Reason 275: Orange is the new black final episode was great!!!
Reason 276: Reddish vale is so lovely, I walked by a lake and it looked like something out of a Nicholas Sparks book/ film and it’s hard to believe something so beautiful is in the middle of reddish and not America like you’d imagine!
Reason 277: Quality time with James which we haven’t had for a while we took the dog down the vale and got a takeaway for tea was nice to spend time together and actually talk and walk together!
Reason 278: Went to Lyme park and hiked loads with James, James Corser, Kiel and the dogs moll and Riley had a lovely day and lots of exercise.
Reason 279: Jen reminded me of earlier this year at the 10k when she was gegging the man in front on the bus’ text messages and he was telling someone he met online that he had no recent photos of himself and the one he’d sent was dead young !!! Jen was loving it hahaha!
Reason 280: It’s two weeks today until NYC!!!!
Reason 281: It’s starting to get nice and wintery and I love winter!!!!
Reason 282: The walking dead starts again next week and me and James are super excited.
Reason 283: Ella is coming for the weekend and I can’t wait to have her stay with me… I love being a big sister to her!
Reason 284: James brought Riley to work to meet me after an open day and everyone could finally meet her after me going on and on and on about her for weeks!
Reason 285: Finally gave Daddy his 50th birthday presents – he loved his little book of ’50 reasons I love you’… I got him Stranglers tickets for our traditional yearly gig and a holiday to Barcelona next year. I’ve been so excited and trying to think of the best way to give it to him as a surprise and he was absolutely thrilled! πŸ™‚
Reason 286: Listening to ‘welcome to St Tropez’ and it made me think of Jose’s wedding and how beautiful it was and how much of a great time I had in Seville this year! The hotel was beautiful and it was lovely having a big posh room to myself even though I didn’t spend proper time there! I loved it!
Reason 287: Going to the Trafford centre to get money changed to dollars and it was tea dance Tuesdays for all the elderly people. I stood and watched them all dancing and it was so lovely they all looked so happy and it intrigued me that they all knew the moves etc. Then had a lovely chat and meal with holters!
Reason 288: I work with some really positive people around me.
Reason 289: I have the new iphone 6 so my photos in NYC will be greaaaaaat!
Reason 290: Only 2 more working days till NYC!
Reason 291: A successful open day and well overdue night out with Katy and Jen after seeing Jake Bugg in concert!
Reason 292: Lots of Chinese food when I’m feeling super hungover and the feeling of finally going to bed!!!
Reason 293: My little doggy went for a walk without causing a fuss this morning … PROGRESS! Also went for a super tasty sushi lunch with Grace yummmmmm!
Reason 294: Looking out the window on the plane and the ground looks so beautiful! I’m EN ROUTE TO NYC!!!
Reason 295: New York City is the most vibrant exciting and beautiful city ever!
Reason 296: Visited ground zero and saw just how inspirational people can be. Such a painfully sad place yet it shows you there are heroes and incredible people out there who live to help others. Also at the memorial, the people who run it place a rose in the engraved name of those who died, whose birthday it is each day. Such beautiful and touching tributes.
Reason 297: Saw south street seaport for the first time and LOVED IT!!! also I asked the girl in the bar we were in if we could buy the pint glass I was drinking from that had the NY Jets logo on, and she basically let us sneakily take it!! Souvenir yay!!!
Reason 298: Me and James went up the empire state building, across the Brooklyn bridge and thrift shopping in Brooklyn and Grand central station and back to the seaport to meet mum and dad for drinks! Was a brilliant day the sun was shining and the city was beautiful as ever! Ended it with a lovely Italian meal and buying lovely artwork from a cute art shop in the seaport! Sneezed in a shop and 3 people went out of their way to bless me! People here are so kind!
Reason 299: Had the most lovely day in central park, picnic by the lakeside, ride on a rowing boat on the lake, saw a little turtle on the side of lake, saw great street performers, went on a carousel and had the best real American coffee. Such a beautiful day with my loved ones finished off with a gorgeous Asian meal!
Reason 300: Coming home today and reflective of how lucky I’ve been to experience such a fantastic place with my amazing family we have had the most incredible time together! I have loved NYC and will definitely be back. Walked in someone’s way and apologised and received ‘no problem whatsoever’ as a response. City of kind people!
Reason 301: Was so lovely to be greeted by our little Riley who was so so excited to see us!! We have missed her so much!
Reason 302: Wore my new Jo Malone perfume that I bought in NYC for work and it stayed on strong all day, absolutely love it!!!
Reason 303: Going to hopefully have a car sorted in time for Xmas which will make life sooooo much easier yay!!! Thanks to James for sorting out his Clio and giving it to me… I’m so lucky!
Reason 304: The dog made me happy.
Reason 305: A really productive day sorting myself out tidying up and clearing my head.
Reason 306: Went to Jade’s single launch with James James and Kiel and had a great night!
Reason 307: listened to Jubel by Klingande and reflected over this past year and thinking of all the lovely times I’ve had and the wonderful things that have happened.
Reason 308: I love the amount of interesting blogs and articles on the internet!
Reason 309: Good afternoon with the PA network ladies πŸ™‚
Reason 310: Went on a minute taking course in work and what I see as the worst part of my job just got a little more understandable and easier!
Reason 311: Logged onto my blog where I have been saving this list of happy thingsnvia my new phone yesterday and the draft had disappeared and the only one there was was up to number 30 so I thought I had lost a whole year’s worth of happy recordings, but just logged back on using my tablet and it’s all still here!!! Made me very happy and relieved! πŸ™‚
Reason 312: A walk in fresh air even though I didn’t want to go cleared my head and made me feel bright.
Reason 313: I am blessed to have such a lovely family and grandparents! Had a lovely day at home and a nice home cooked roast!
Reason 314: The walking dead day yayyyyyy!!!!!
Reason 315: The young lad who lets me on the bus before him every day even though he’s been waiting longer! People slate young people for having no respect but there are still young people out there who do and they outshine all the bad ones!
Reason 316: Bought Justine’s bday gifts and think she’s going to love them!!! Absolutely love paperchase such a great shop!!!
Reason 317: A really good session at puppy training!
Reason 318: Jodie’s stories about the way she puts her foot in things and is socially awkward made me howl with laughter!!! Really what I needed today! Also my cousin from Canada who I’ve not seen in over 10 years is coming to visit us next year! Yay!!! And Nana and Gaga’s Xmas presents are sorted!!
Reason 319: Such a great night out for Justine’s birthday at Adonis cabaret club sooooo funny!!!
Reason 320: Watched ‘into the wild’ and really loved it!!! Such a thought provoking film!
Reason 321: A woman in front of me on the bus didn’t have enough money she needed a pound and I only had a tenner on me so I tried to give that in and the bus driver wouldn’t accept it, and another girl gave her a pound which really made me happy!
Reason 322: Naughty dogs with pics online was so funny!! http://www.thumbpress.com/dogs-with-notes-the-best-of-dog-shaming-50-funny-pictures
Reason 323: Got invited to give a talk to students about where studying abroad can take you and got a good reception and complimented on my achievements! Made me feel proud of myself ha!!!
Reason 324: It’s almost FRIDAY!!! And I’m meeting the courteeners tomorrow!!
Reason 325: Had an amazing time and the Courteeners gig and partied afterwards with Liam Fray and co. thanks to Lindsey!!!
Reason 326: Had a lovely day with my baby sis at Frankie and Benny’s and watching the Hunger Games at the cinema! It’s becoming an annual tradition for us!
Reason 327: I slept a full 12 hours last night I obviously needed it and woke up feeling so refreshed!!!
Reason 328: I have the best group of friends who cheer me right up when I need it most!
Reason 329: Tried my luck with two discount codes on Boohoo.com for my Christmas clothes  (found one online and got student discount) and saved myself Β£32 in discounts!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!
Reason 330: Kaz is home in JUST OVER A WEEK and I’m ecstatic!!!!
Reason 331: Riley was so well behaved at dog training we have found that using toys to motivate her to learn things works better for us than treats!
Reason 332: Got a new crate for Riley and I can fit in it with her haha!!
Reason 333: Had an amazing day in London with Jen sightseeing and exploring, went for wine on a boat on the Thames, met up with Jo and had a gorgeous Italian meal followed by lots of wine and fun in a club! Such a laugh and a great time!
Reason 334: Spent the day walking through Kensington gardens, Hyde park Christmas markets/ wonderland and then a bit of shopping !! Was lovely and such a brilliant weekend!
Reason 335: Food bank collection I organised at work was a success and we collected food for a great cause!
Reason 336: kaz is home in LESS THAN A WEEK!
Reason 337: Nice bus driver dropped me off close to my house and was so lovely!
Reason 338: Got chatting to a girl on the way home on the bus who I see everyday at the bus stop but never talk to and she was lovely and really funny! I love meeting strangers!
Reason 339: Gogglebox is literally the funniest programme ever I just love it!
Reason 340: Saw an advert for the last ever episode of Ricky Gervais’ Derek and sad that it’s over but happy that it happened haha!!!! Cringy saying!
Reason 341: Spent the day at south lakes zoo with James family and had a lovely day feeding giraffes and reindeers and travelling in a camper van! Topped off by Lindsey treating us all to tea such a nice day together!
Reason 342: Currently en route to meet Kaz at the airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reason 343: I’m starting to feel a lot brighter, sleeping better with no nightmares and feel like the cloud has lifted!
Reason 344: A lovely night at the Christmas markets with Grace, Vicki, Kaaleeka, Katie, Jodie, such a funny night!
Reason 345: A lovely Christmas meal with the MMU PAs Clare, Harvi, Angela and Heather!
Reason 346: Dyed my hair red for Christmas and love it, and was stressed about organising the Christmas party for the department and it all went to plan and everyone was saying it was good!!! Made me really happy!
Reason 347: Had a really good works christmas do last night and a nice walk with James James and Joe down reddish vale with the dog and a yummy Chinese for tea! Perfect hangover cure!
Reason 348: Had a lovely fry up made by James followed by a productive day of cleaning and getting things straight in the house, and the dog has been really well behaved and slept a lot of the day but let me cuddle up with her on the couch I love her!
Reason 349: The ‘I’ll ride with you’ response from Australians to Muslims following the Sydney siege. It was a concept of if any Muslims are scared to ride public transport home due to backlash and racist attacks because of the hostage situation, they have the choice to be accompanied by thousands of Australians who understand that the vast majority of Muslims are not extremists. What a way to beat terrorism. It began with a Muslim woman removing her hijab on a train as she was preparing to get off, so as to not appear Muslim – something so central and important to her faith and so many other women, and she was removing it out of total fear. An Australian lady stopped her and told her to put it back on and that she would walk with her to wherever she was going. Australia definitely win at dealing with terrorism.
Reason 350: Got some Xmas gifts for James and my family and some are jokey and really made me laugh in the shop!! Especially James: card which said ‘Merry Christmas – try not to eat too much you greedy fuck – you know what you’re like’ !!
Reason 351: Chatted with the lovely girl I met on the bus last week. She’s been at the same bus stop as me for ages going towards home after work and we’ve started chatting recently and she’s lovely!!
Reason 352: Had a real laugh in work and did my first secret Santa. Got my Xmas nails done too yaaaaaay !!
Reason 353: Went for a lovely Christmas break up team lunch with the team Ellie, Sally, Alex, Joel and Sean. Was at the bus stop and sneezed and a woman walked past and said bless you… was sweet as it reminded me of New York! Then a woman got off the bus and offered me her dayrider ticket that she no longer needed!
Reason 354: Took Riley out and it was nice to be outside in daylight for a change, at the moment I leave for work in pitch black , I go home in pitch black and my office doesnt have a lot of natural light. Was refreshing to be out in daylight.
Reason 355: Productive day and all my Christmas shopping now complete, and James took me for a gorgeous Thai meal was lovely!!
Reason 356: I’ve signed up for the Anthony Nolan stem cell and bone marrow donor register, maybe one day I will be able to help somebody (though I am scared!).
Reason 358: It’s Christmas eve and so lovely to be at home watching home videos of our Christmases over the years!!
Reason 359: Had such a hilarious night out with Katy and Jen last night and got a load of amazing Christmas presents I am so lucky! And Alix Bone is engaged now toooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Reason 360: Went to our annual boxing day match with dad and still had a lovely day even though we lost! Then went out for Mexican for tea with Aunty kaz and it was so nice spending quality time with her!!
Reason 361: Going out tonight with Kaz and Alecia and sooooooo excited!!!!!
Reason 362: Spent the whole day on the couch hungover watching films Forrest Gump, Divergent and Gone Girl!!! Peeeerrrfect!!
Reason 363: Spent a lovely day down the beach with James and Riley it was so sunny and wintery!! Followed by my creation of a 2014 video to highlight my best photos from start to finish of the year!! Love it!
Reason 364: Went shopping with Jen and bought some bits and got the perfume I wanted for cheaper in a gift set from boots!! Yay!!! And planning our little NYE party tomorrow!! Also reflecting on this year has been great !!
Reason 365: I am SO happy that I’ve managed to keep this up for a whole year!!!! 365 reasons to smile!!! So excited to bring the New Year in tonight with my friends!!!
If you made it to the end – WELL DONE! It took me a short while to read back through the whole thing! 2015 here we come!!!


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