‘The One’

This blog post was originally posted on my old blog on 12th May 2012, hence the difference you should (hopefully) see in my writing style!

So yesterday I was watching loose women (yes all I do is watch TV lately but it was relax time before I went to work), and they started talking about the infamous “the one”. Throughout our lives we are all aware of this “one” and most of us (OK probably just me) spend the majority of our time in relationships attempting to figure out whether the person that we are in a relationship with is “the one” for us. But then it got me thinking. What if there isn’t a “one”? What if everybody makes their own fate and we don’t have a specific “one” for us? Now being a thorough romantic I’ve always believed that I would just KNOW when I met the one. Following the bazillions of films and stories that circulate about the subject, I’ve just thought it was part of the way the world works and there is a one for everybody. But then yesterday one of the loose women said something that got me thinking… What if there is a one for everybody but just for a certain time of their life?

When thinking about the one, it’s believed that it is somebody who is your soulmate. Somebody you can be 100% yourself around, and know that they love you completely; flaws and all. I’ve always imagined it to be somebody who will take care of me, and love me for who I am; even for my dodgy laugh and occasional (yes OCCASIONAL) moments of stupidity. But most importantly, I’ve always imagined the one for me to be somebody who makes me ridiculously happy, who I can share everything with and know that no matter what they won’t judge me on anything I do or have done. Somebody that when I meet them, I will just KNOW, and then my life will be spent with them and only them, forever. (OK andddddd end to the soppyness).

So due to my perception of the one, I became somewhat unsettled at the prospect of the one being present in your life for the time that is right for them to be in it. I want the one for me to be in my life FOREVER! Upon further research (i.e. general asking around whether people believe there is a one for everybody), I have concluded that there is a mixture of feelings around. Some people do believe in the one, whereas others disagree and say that you make your own fate. I wonder whether the people who believe this haven’t yet found ‘the one’? However, amongst all of the people I’ve asked, nobody has suggested that the one can be a temporary thing for a specific part of your life. Part of me wishes that the loose women hadn’t put this idea into my head, but then the other part of me is saying “well that’s what you get for watching loose women instead of revising!” Anyway, I’m curious to know what other people think and whether it could be a possibility that the one is a temporary thing. And if so, how do you know when ‘the one’ is no longer ‘the one’ for you?

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